Greetings from the road, everyone. Last week was one of the lightest we’ve had since starting the blog, but preparing for a 30+ day journey takes a lot out of you. As usual, Rob and I made the most of some pre-travel time to get some great content in the queue, though we’ll be shooting for a couple very exciting partnerships as we travel. I’ve honestly been slammed and needed desperately to decompress last week so I could clear my mind and continue to be inspired. However, rest assured that we’ll be keeping our usual publishing schedule as we travel, including a new series on the YouTube channel that’ll be rolling out next week.

Brown Suit - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Montezemolo quilted topcoat, Vintage Yves Saint Laurent suit, Neiman Marcus shirt, Seaward and Stearn tie, Briefcase c/o Korchmar, J.Crew belt, Timex watch, Nordstrom pocket square, Shoes c/o Coach | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Packing for a long trip is always a daunting task and one that I almost always put off until the last minute. Maybe it’s because I work better under tight deadlines. Or maybe I’m just a textbook procrastinator. Since you don’t have the luxury of lugging an entire closet around with you – though I’ve seen some suitcases that look like some people really try to – you’ve got to be economical and make some very deliberate decisions.

I always stick to the basics and what is most comfortable. A few favorite button-downs, a couple cardigans, jeans, two pairs of pants (blue and grey), two blazers (one single and one double-breasted), and a few ties. And for this trip, which is taking us into some pretty cold territory in the Midwest and upper Midwest, one serious coat.

Brown Suit - He Spoke Style

I’ll always bring a proper suit as well. And this time, I packed up my go-to brown suit. It’s a heavier fabric, so perfect for winter, and can also easily be pieced out into separates, which gives me three jackets/blazers and three trousers total. When traveling, versatility is the name of the game.

Brown Suit - He Spoke Style

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