Esquire asked a panel of women to tell them how they really feel about menswear trends. And the consensus of these “experts'” was that athleisure is better than classic Italian suiting.

Sorry ladies, I’m going to have to double-down with my woman card and highly disagree. But, also, let’s applaud any guy wearing anything he’s confident in, because that is what we are most attracted to, no?

On to the stories you may have missed.

Did you visit your mom this Mother’s Day, or did you send her a 3-D version of yourself via Groupon?

There were a lot of style recaps for the Met Gala last week. While the women may not have fared so well, (most of) the guys looked pretty sharp. There seems to be a lapel-accessory trend emerging…

Also trending: chest hair.

Brooks Brothers is going back to its roots and reviving the preppiest shirt collar. We’ve covered it on the site before.

Speaking of collars, there are a lot of variations out there. We’re building our guide on this subject and the forward point is up first.

Paul Newman made it famous. And if you want one of the newest Rolex Daytonas, you’re going to have to wait a little while to get your hands on one.

KFC’s new product brings a whole new meaning to “chicken fingers”. Is this left swipe or right swipe-worthy?

We got a new office/studio space, stay tuned for the final reveal!

We’re – well, Brian especially – a bit sentimental over The Good Wife’s end, and so is the cast.

“Celebrities, They are Just Like Us”. This means with the good, also comes the bad.

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