Do you ever have those moments that you talk about something and then see a TV show, movie, or an ad that is the same theme immediately after?

Brian and I were just talking about the movie Bullitt Saturday night while I’m here in San Francisco, and wouldn’t you know, within 12 hours visiting The Rake’s homepage they have a very well-curated story about cars as characters in classic movies.

If you read one article about Muhammad Ali, read The New Yorker’s.

Now that we’ve had our first unofficial kick-off to summer, brush up on your summer skin care tips, make sure you are using SPF and have the right scents in your arsenal. You also may want to invest in a summer grooming kit.

Don’t judge too quickly, but your next fragrance may actually contain rose.

Moving in with your significant other? Here’s how to avoid breaking up in the process.

This WTF link isn’t new, but every time we see this article about being buried in human pods it always sparks a lot of conversation. Makes sense… kind of totally creepy…

Are you living the tall man’s burden?

Start spreading the news. If you’re a fan of Ol’ Blue Eyes, a musical is rumored to be in the works.

I still cannot get over how passionate you guys are with the socks vs. no socks debate. Brian is always wearing miracle socks underneath, but you never see them. Simma. Down. Na.

Don’t complain about your passport photo, it could be way worse.

Thanks for reading.

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