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Robin Sacawa

Digital Strategy

Robin Sacawa is a Content Strategist with over 18+ years experience in social, editorial, digital, and influencer programs across Pharma, CPG, Women’s Health, Fashion, and Editorial Publications. Her focus is understanding the audience behaviors that fuel integrated programs, channel nuances, the need for innovation, and message hierarchy. All while having fun doing it!

Robin started to find joy in styling herself as a creative expression in high school–the ability to use fashion as a tool to change a mood, lift a mood, and even engage others with it was an incredible “connector.”

She’s worked at magazines as an editor and curating the tone, writing, and finding the “right” photographer, makeup/hair artist, and stylist to bring a photo shoot to life while acting as a stylist pulling pieces. And most recently she’s worked on Clean & Clear’s See The Real Me campaign, finding ways to support young girls to feel confident in their own skin for a few years and was a part of one of pharma’s biggest brand launches that supported women’s sexual health.

When Robin was two years old she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and she immediately said “a puppy.” This is still her dream.