We were on vacation, then Brian got really sick, but…

We. Are. Back. Had a lovely time in Tulum and last week it took every ounce of energy to accept that I had to wear shoes and pants again (work frowns upon not doing so). However, still trying to keep the good vibes that we had there going strong!

We don’t care how much protein is in there…NO.

Most videos that go viral include meaningless subject matter, so it’s heartwarming to see that the Ice Bucket Challenge actually really helped the cause!

Man, are we happy we’re not on the dating scene anymore. Is this what it’s really come to?!

Our complete guide on smoking a cigar properly (if that’s your thing) is now live!

Suits aren’t just for men, and some women are wearing them well. Really well.

If only the rest of the world was as kind to each other as Zürich is to their goldfish.

Always wanted to model for your favorite designer? You may get your chance.

While we are huge Seinfeld fans, we wouldn’t advise on actually following their lead on majority of things. (Nothing George says, especially.) Including this.

“Sorry, I can’t take a meeting with you at that time. I’m calling my dog.

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they?

It’s not time to talk about transitioning wardrobe essentials yet. Mr. Porter’s list of Late-Summer Essentials will get you through the next two months.

Our new studio is finally coming together. What do you think we need to add to the space?

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