How To Wear a Brown Peacoat

People often wonder whether peacoats are still in style. The answer is simple: yes, of course they are! A peacoat is one of the most timeless pieces of outerwear for men in the fall and winter. And while we’re all used to the classic navy peacoat, today, we’re going to be taking a look at something a little different and certainly unexpected–the brown peacoat.


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brown peacoat

Those who’ve known me for a while know that I am extremely fond of browns. For my money, brown tones feel extremely rich and luxurious. Brown is also an incredibly versatile color. Much like blue, it’s classic and provides a solid base from which to build from because it pairs well with so many other colors.

I also like the fact that brown is unexpected. So when you’re dealing with a classic menswear item, such as the peacoat, and then “update” it in a brown colorway, the result is something very fresh to the eye.

brown peacoat

| WEARING | Express Peacoat, Gobi Cashmere Turtleneck (similar), He Spoke Style x Michael Andrews Flannel Pants, Tom Ford Eyeglasses, Scarosso Boots | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver

In terms of how to wear a brown peacoat, what I’m getting at here is that the sky (and your imagination) is pretty much the limit. For this outfit, however, given the time of year, I’ve opted to go for something that would be more than appropriate for a New Year’s Eve get together.

I mentioned that I view brown as having a rich and luxurious quality. To play into that, I’ve paired the brown peacoat with a cream (almost white) cashmere turtleneck. When layering similar colors, try to make a progression of light to dark or dark to light. This will have the effect of focusing attention inward and up towards your face.

brown peacoat

In addition to cashmere, ’tis also the season for flannels. A well-made pair of charcoal flannel trousers is de rigueur for every modern gentleman. I wear them pleated with a two-inch cuff.

When wearing turtlenecks with trousers, I like to tuck the turtleneck in. It’s a very clean and neat look and also looks much crisper and put together when not wearing a sport coat.

Finally, give your peacoat collar a pop for some added panache.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style


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