When it comes to winter accessories, I’d say that we spend the most time talking and thinking about hats and scarves. Gloves always tend to be an afterthought and not necessarily something given proper consideration.

If details matter to you – and they should – it’s important to have the right pair of gloves for the right situation. Here are five pairs that you should have this winter.

1. Brown Leather

how to choose gloves for winter

Your go-to, everyday, workhorse, most versatile pair of gloves. Dark brown leather goes with everything and anything you’ve got in your closet.

Best for: Everyday wear, work, date, you name it

Our pick: Brooks Brothers lambskin cashmere-lined gloves

2. Knit

how to choose gloves for winter
A pair of wool or cashmere knit gloves are the perfect casual option. They’re not great for gripping things – whoops, there goes your phone! – so if you’re going to be handling anything you’d rather not drop, try to find a pair with suede or felt padding on the palm and fingertips.

Best for: Casual, weekends

Our pick: Brooks Brothers ribbed cashmere knit gloves

3. Textured Suede/Leather

how to choose gloves for winter
These are the gloves for the guy who appreciates details and who knows the good stuff. A sartorial pair for the connoisseur.

Best for: Any day you’re feeling as stylish as an Italian guy

Our pick: Canali peccary leather gloves

Or splurge on these bad boys

4. Black Leather

how to choose gloves for winter

I don’t wear my black leather gloves that often – like a black suit, they’re often reserved for special, dressier occasions. Good to have them in your arsenal, though. Better to have a pair and not wear them as often than not have a pair when you really need them.

Best for: Formal, semi-formal

Our pick: J.Crew cashmere-lined leather smartphone gloves

5. Driving Gloves

how to choose gloves for winter

Full disclosure: these won’t keep your fingers warm when it’s freezing out. But they will provide some warmth when you first get into your car on a cold morning. And once the heater kicks in, leave them on for looks and to keep a better grip on your steering wheel.

Best for: Long drives; when you’re feeling like a badass

Our pick: Dents delta leather driving gloves

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