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Like yesterday’s post, this look is all about taking holiday party style in a different direction. No colorful nods to the season, just clean and basic. Departing from the norm, especially in a holiday scenario, can draw a lot of attention. If you’re going to do it, make sure you draw the right kind of attention by doing it elegantly.

Holiday Party Style - He Spoke Style

Same blazer as the previous look, completely different vibe. Though you know I love black denim as an “in-between” dress pant, there are some situations where it’s just not going to be formal enough. A pair of charcoal gray wool pants should be a wardrobe staple.

This may be the season of the turtleneck for me. I remember a time when more people wore them, but they seem to have lost their mainstream popularity somewhere along the line as the sweater of choice for stuffy, elbow-patched academics. Not so. A turtleneck is elegant and refined, especially in dark colors. I’d like to see it make a strong comeback.

The holidays are a great time to work patterns into an outfit. They don’t need to be big and bold. When you’re working monochromatically, subtlety rules the day.

Holiday Party Style - He Spoke Style

Holiday Party Style - He Spoke Style

Holiday Party Style - He Spoke Style

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