If you are a guy with athletic legs—which obviously has absolutely nothing to do with the lovely photo of Megan Collins from Style Girlfriend—finding pants that fit properly can definitely be an exceptional challenge. As a retired Category 1 bicycle racer, it’s something I certainly understand, have dealt with, and have heard many of my racing companions complain about. When the topic surfaced in the comments on Style Girlfriend, Megan invited me to contribute a guest post offering some advice and brand recommendations for athletically legged guys having trouble finding the perfect pair of pants. I was happy to do it and you can read it here.

Obviously, I highly recommend reading the whole article, but if you’d just like to check out some of my recommendations, I’ve included them below. Many thanks to Megan for the opportunity to write for her fantastic site.

Chinos for Athletic Legs

Stylishly Yours,

He Spoke Style

Photograph by James Nord.


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