| WEARING | Woolrich arctic parka, Pants c/o Banana Republic, Reiss scarf, Brooks Brothers gloves, Bag c/o Coach, Boots c/o Allen Edmonds | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Anyone who’s been to NYC in the dead of winter knows that black is the unofficial uniform of the coldest and darkest days. Having just returned from Fashion Week activity, I can tell you that that tradition is alive and well. I love the idea of a uniform, especially when it comes to menswear, but there are times when I like to stand apart, just a bit but not too much.

Brown Woolrich Arctic Parka - He Spoke Style

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Truth be told, I may have been swayed towards the standard black parka if I had the chance. If you remember, however, I came by this coat out of pure necessity. It was the only color in my size at the Woolrich store, when I found myself with improper outerwear a few weeks ago. Looking back, I’m glad the brown parka chose me. In a sea of black parkas, it’s got a bit of a uniqueness to it that I like.

I get lots of questions about color combinations, especially if it’s okay to mix brown and black. Somewhere it was written that this is a “traditional” no-no, but it’s one of those “rules” that doesn’t hold it’s salt for me.

Brown Woolrich Arctic Parka - He Spoke Style

Brown Woolrich Arctic Parka - He Spoke Style

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