Let Us Help You Decide What Tie To Wear With a Blue Suit

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Blue pindot tie: fresh

4 / 13
Navy striped tie: serious (just not in this photo so much...)

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Navy tie with simple pattern: elegant and modern

6 / 13
plaid tie: rakish and confident

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brown striped tie: conservatively cool

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brown paisley tie: stylishly confident

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tan tie: summery and simple

10 / 13
red striped tie: bold and powerful

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burgundy knit tie: quietly confident

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green striped tie: casually conservative

13 / 13
gold tie: confident

What color tie should you wear with a blue suit?

There are a couple of answers to the question above. The first is that you can pretty much wear any color tie with a blue suit. A blue suit is one of the most versatile and “neutral” garments in a man’s closet. And therefore, your choice of tie color can make your suit look and feel pretty much any way you want.

(N.B. For argument’s sake, let’s assume by ‘blue’, we’re talking about navy blue or a moderate royal blue color.)

And the second answer is pretty much just as unsatisfying as the first: it depends.

Because, of course, the tie you choose should complement the situation and occasion. You wouldn’t wear a loud paisley tie to a funeral, for example.

Here’s some blue suit/tie inspiration that will have you covered no matter where you’re going, what you’re doing, or how you’re feeling.

Charcoal Grey Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Serious and somber

Our Pick: J.Crew American Wool Tie

Grey Striped Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Conservative but modern

Our Pick: Brooks Brothers Natte Double Stripe Tie

Blue Pindot Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Fresh

Our Pick: Drake’s Polka Dot Silk-Twill Tie

Navy Striped Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Serious

Our Pick: Dunhill Striped Mulberry Silk Tie

Navy Tie with Simple Pattern

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Elegant and modern

Our Pick: Ermengildo Zegna Diamond Silk Tie

Plaid Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Rakish and confident

Our Pick: Drake’s Prince of Wales Check Tie

Brown Striped Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Conservatively cool

Our Pick: Brooks Brothers Houndstooth Stripe Print Tie

Brown Paisley Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Stylishly confident

Our Pick: Kiton Paisley Printed Silk Tie

Tan Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Summery and simple

Our Pick: Drake’s Woven Silk Tie

Red Striped Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Bold and powerful

Our Pick: Brooks Brothers BB No. 1 Repp Tie

Burgundy Knit Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Quietly confident

Our Pick: Rubinacci Knitted Silk Tie

Green Striped Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Casually conservative

Our Pick: Seaward & Stearn English Stripe Tie

Gold Tie

blue suit what color tie

How It Looks: Confident

Our Pick: Eton of Sweden Bold Dotted Silk Tie

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo


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  • YourGentleReminder

    Brian, I’ve been following your blog for over 5 years now and you’re still hands down my favourite men’s fashion site. In the process I’ve learned so much about my own wardrobe wishes and how to implement them, even creating my own site for my own style interests. Cheers for that! You’re a classy man and I’m really happy for your success.


    • http://hespokestyle.com/ Brian Sacawa

      Many thanks, my man! Appreciate the continued support.

  • R Lozada

    Brian, I’m new to your page and really enjoy the various looks and options you offer. I’m interested in finding out about thrifting. I am very serious about my wardrobe and have found many incredible finds in various venues. I’m looking now to parlay that into a small business venture. I’m probably a little older than your followers (61 years young), but always very “fashion conscious”. Thanks for the great ideas! R

    • Kelvin

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  • Zachary Severs

    What color tie would be appropriate under a navy graduation gown and cap with gold tassel?

  • daoFuJai

    So, the answer to the question in the headline appears to be… …”pretty much any color or design”.

  • Mr. Snrub

    Any recommendations for a suit in this shade of blue? I love mine but I’m having a hard time paring with anything but purples and pinks.


    • Florian

      Hi Mr Snrub,

      My take to it would first be to pair this suit with light coloured ties. Blues, olive green, browns and pinks will most likely pop wonderfully as you keep it subtle (pastel shades). You could also go with slightly darker shades, so long as you make sure the contrast with your suit isn’t too sharp, especially if you are light-haired.

      If you want my point, this suit sure looks very summery. Going with light textures, beige, light grey and light blue tones will bring the best out of this garment.

      Check these out : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1383/8317/files/tie_made_in_italy_pini_parma_2048x.jpg?v=1524322593

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  • Harri

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    • Kelvin

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    • Kelvin

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  • Jorge M. TreviƱo

    According to some of the images, is it trendy to have the rear end of the tie longer than the front? Ridiculous! Take it seriously from a guy who wore bell bottoms and epauletted suits in the 60’s. Since I’m turning 72, I knot my ties “Oriental” and have them reach to my belt with the rear part well tucked behind. Otherwise, for an informal look, I wear bow ties.
    As for color, what fits better a plain navy suit than an emerald/blue stripe or a Davidson or Black Watch tartan?

  • http://www.ayres-seo.com Dominick Dalsanto

    Hi Brian,

    Any notes on where that beautiful blue pinstripe suit is from?

  • Rob Matthews

    Hi Brian, I bought a navy 3 piece suit from this company: https://www.aristocracy.london/men-suits/ and I’m happy with the quality, fit and everything but not entirely sure what tie to wear it with? Basically, I don’t want to always go for solid colour but the suit has a light pattern and I don’t want to wear conflicting patterns? Would dots work?

  • william