6 Sensational Seasonal Sweaters

Ah, sweater weather! The chill of the winter air simply begs for chunky knitwear. And there is no better or more classic piece of winter knitwear than the venerable fisherman sweater. Whether curled up in front of the fire with a fine brandy or single malt or braving the elements, a fisherman sweater will keep you warm and cozy in style.


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best fisherman sweaters men 2022

What is a fisherman sweater?

Although commonly referred to as a fisherman sweater, the garment’s true name is the Aran sweater. It originated in the Aran Islands in Connemara, just off the west coast of Ireland. Traditionally, the Aran sweater was knit in the natural color of sheep’s wool, giving it its hallmark off-white color. The sheep’s wool is naturally waterproof, making the sweaters perfect for weather encountered by Irish fisherman.

In addition to it’s color, one of the most distinguishing characteristic of the fisherman sweater is its pattern. Traditionally, there are seven different stitching patterns you will see. The cable stitch, which is perhaps the most well-known and classic, the diamond stitch, the zig-zag stitch, the honeycomb stitch, the trellis stitch, the tree of life stitch, and the blackberry stitch.

The Aran, or fisherman sweater, became something of a trend in the 1950s after being featured in Vogue Magazine. Since then, fisherman sweaters have become one of the most iconic pieces of winter knitwear with many global fashion, style, art, and cinema icons sporting them, including Picasso, Grace Kelly, and Steve McQueen.

Best Fisherman Sweaters for Men

Now that we’ve learned about the origins of the fisherman sweater and how they became as popular as they continue to be, let’s take a look at six of the best styles to wear right now.

1. The Classic Crew Neckbest fisherman sweater men 2022

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You can never go wrong with a crew neck fisherman sweater. It’s an extremely classic style and works just as well paired with a nice pair of navy cotton trousers and layered over a casual button-up as it does more casually with jeans.

2. The Cardigan

best fisherman sweater men 2022

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For a more casual and relaxed “at home lounging” look, consider opting for a shawl collar cardigan. And for some unexpected seasonal workwear, you might also try swapping out your sport coat for a chunky cardigan such as this.

3. The Fair Isle

best fisherman sweater men 2022

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If you like the classic crew neck but want something with a bit more seasonal flair, a fair isle fisherman sweater is the way to go. Searching for an eye-catching fair isle is almost as fun as wearing it.

4. The Turtleneck

best fisherman sweater men 2022

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A turtleneck is a refined, elegant, and sophisticated take on what was traditionally a “worker’s” sweater. If you can find one that isn’t super bulky, like the example above, it’s a great pairing with a glen plaid flannel sport coat or waxed cotton jacket.

5. The Non-Traditional Color

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Off-white and cream colors not your thing? Not a problem. Simply opt for one in a non-traditional color to get all the style benefits but that fit your own personal taste.

6. The Modern Take

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Likewise, if the classic chunky stitching is your thing either, there are modern versions with tighter stitching. These versions tend to be a bit thinner, which has the benefit of making them work better as layering pieces under sport coats.

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