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Not usually personal here, but this is an exciting week for me. I’m ending my 2+ years at DDB New York – you may have unknowingly seen their work via the classic Volkswagen Lemon ads, or heard Don Draper complaining about them in Season 1 of Mad Men – to move down to Baltimore in early October. I will be starting a new full-time gig at IMRE there, while also being more available to support the HSS team moving forward!

In other news you may care more about:

No matter how much money they have, celebrities continue to wear ill-fitting suits to red carpet events. Here are the three biggest mistakes they’re making.

The most recent casualty of pumpkin-spiced things are the beloved Pepperidge Farm Milanos. When will the ruining of caffeinated drinks/baked goods come to an end?

Just gone through a breakup? Put yourself your Sëlf back together again with Ikea-approved directions. Hopefully they are more clear than that Hemnes bed frame was…

We were down in Charlotte this weekend at Tabor to celebrate their Bungalow Social, and Brian was there to style a few mannequins in their fall finest. Which look do you prefer?

A giant moon balloon is all fun and games until it is let loose on a city and starts terrorizing its people and cars.

According to Silicon Valley, if we are looking to be more fulfilled with life we should start thinking like a designer.

Earlier in the week we featured Chris’s unique flask collection, which he started at the ripe old age of 12.

Remember those early Apple iPod commercials with the silhouettes dancing around? Conan O’Brien created a (perfect) updated spoof with the new AirPods. Thank you, Conan.

I once set a friend of mine a bag of dicks at work. Would sending her stress testicles be crossing the line?

Did anyone else not know that Ron Howard had been working on a Beatles documentary for 14 years, and that it was released on Hulu this past weekend?!?! I didn’t until just now, so I’m finishing this post immediately to go swoon over George and Ringo. Don’t you dare judge me.

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