So far, the refreshing summer cocktails we’ve explored here on the blog have been confined to the Caribbean. There’s the Daiquiri from Cuba and the Dark and Stormy from Bermuda. But how about making it more of a world tour? Today’s drink comes from Italy and is one that I first got to experience in the place of its origin. Here’s how to make an Aperol Spritz.

Aperol Spritz

2 oz. Aperol
3 oz. Prosecco
Splash of soda water (optional)
Orange wedge for garnish

Fill a wine glass with ice cubes (I like to use five from these ice cube trays). Add the Aperol, top with Prosecco, and finish with a splash of soda water. Garnish with the orange wedge.

Though the recipe calls for two parts Aperol and three parts Prosecco, the key to the perfect spritz, at least according to my Venetian-born waiter at Cecconi’s, is its color. It shouldn’t be too pale, nor should it be too dark. A ‘vibrant orange’ is what you’re after. Soda water is also optional and it’s something I generally leave out since the ice cubes provide enough dilution. One other thing you might try is adding an olive as a garnish in addition to the orange wedge. I’d not seen that before, but enjoyed it when it was served that way to me in LA.

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