Travel In Style This Summer With Our July Capsule Wardrobe

What to pack to look your best on vacation

We’re continuing our Capsule Wardrobe series this month with a focus on summer vacation and travel. While a summer vacation is most certainly about rest and relaxation, that doesn’t mean your style needs to take a vacation as well. There are definitely ways to keep it relaxed and stay tailored and dapper at the same time. And that’s what the 10 pieces in our July collection are all about.

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Here are the 10 pieces:

– Cream linen blazer
Pattered blazer
Lightweight light blue denim shirt
Black polo shirt
– Printed shirt
– Khaki linen pants
Stone/white cotton pants
Panama hat
– Brown horse bit loafers
Black espadrilles

And here are several ways to style them.

Airport Ready

vacation capsule wardrobe

There are a few key things to keep in mind when considering your airport style. Be sure to wear a pair of loafers. They’re easy to slip on and off, which makes traveling through the security line that much easier. If you are bringing two blazers on your trip, wear one to the airport to save it from getting wrinkled in your suitcase. (Remember, even if you know how to pack it, wrinkles are unavoidable.) When you get on the plane, simply remove it, fold it once lengthwise and then in half again and stow in the overhead compartment. And if you plan to bring a hat, it is best to wear it to the airport rather than pack it in a bag.

Resort Dinner

vacation capsule wardrobe

A nice dinner at your resort is the time to break out your best sport coat. Keep it casual with a lightweight denim shirt and cotton trousers and finish the look off with a fun pair of loafers.

Day Tripping

vacation capsule wardrobe

Comfort and style do not have to be mutually exclusive. A short sleeve printed shirt and linen pants will keep you cool in both the looks and temperature departments. Espadrilles are a great utility shoe and a hat will save your face from the sun’s rays.

Island Cocktails

vacation capsule wardrobe

A few tweaks make the last look more appropriate for sunset cocktails. Throw on your sport coat and swap your linen trousers for a more structured cotton pair with a cuff.

Pool Lounging

vacation capsule wardrobe

Never underestimate the power of a simple polo shirt. Focus on a few accessories to kick it up a notch. And if it gets a little warmer, roll up your pant legs and dip your feet in the pool.

Return Flight

vacation capsule wardrobe

Wear linen and cotton to keep those vacation vibes going on your way home.

Chime in: What are your top 10 vacation pieces?

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo


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  • oobleck

    Brian. You’re killing me!

    Very nice choices. And as much as I dislike black clothing, that first airport outfit is killer. I think I’d chose a navy polo, though.

    Can you tell us anything about that great suitcase??

    Love your blog!

    • Luis Martinez

      It looks like Kingsman luggage… but I could be wrong.

  • Sam

    Any recommendations for khaki linen pants under $100?

    • Luis Martinez

      Hi Sam! That’s really difficult to find before and during the Summer. Having said that, keep an eye for linen clothing sales when Fall’s clothing start coming out. You won’t be able to wear it until next summer, but at least you’ll be ready for it next year.

      • Sam

        Good call! Actually saw a nice looking pair on sale at Never bought their clothes before. Anyone have experience with them?

  • Tailor & Barber

    Great looks! I love that blue sport coat!

  • Tom B


    Great post, I love when you show how to mix-and-match pieces. And packing for vacation is tough (at least if you want to avoid the cargo-shorts and tee-shirt overweight american vibe). Our big vacation this summer is to Ireland – land of rain and 50 degree weather! Hey, when you live in North Carolina heat, that IS a vacation :). I’m poking around my wardrobe to find what will travel well and layer well, am keeping your tips in mind.

    As silly as it seems, dressing nicely does wonders when you are traveling (even or especially in Economy Class), you get more respect and better service. Besides, a blazer is the perfect cure for my usual “where did I put my boarding pass?”, “where’s my glasses?”, etc, etc.. it’s in my blazer pocket! On that note, Orvis (yeah, fancy outdoor “lifestyle” brand) makes a perfect cotton/linen slub blazer with a zipped interior pocket. It’s my go-to for travel.

    @CB: You’re not going to find anything under $100 that won’t fall apart at first washing. Spend another $25 and get the linen trousers from Bonobos (after the 20% discount that you get for signing up).

    • Jim Sears

      Completely agree. Well dressed travel is not silly in the least. This past week I learned, for example, if your plane ever takes a sudden sustained forced dive due to loss of cabin pressure and makes an emergency landing nowhere near what was supposed to be your nonstop 4th of July destination, instead of wearing your pajamas like too many guys at airports, it helps to look put together when dealing with the various airline personnel in order to get things sorted. I can’t imagine trying to be taken seriously in gym shorts and flip flops during that ordeal.

      • Tom B

        Sorry to hear about your July 4 ordeal, glad you made it through with aplomb. Dressing decently certainly helps put me in a better state of mind, which then translates to better being able to deal with LIFE. Yet again, who knew that our grandfathers were right!

      • Warp x Weft

        Gotta be stylish at all times, Jim.

        Fashion with function!

  • Jim Sears

    Brian, so glad to see the black polo. I can’t understand why I favor this color polo in the hottest part of the year and it’s good to know I’m not the only one who does. Why did you pick black instead of other colors?

  • ciya imas