Terrace Dynamics

Readers with musical inclinations will recognize this title as a play on a term used to describe abrupt changes in volume without crescendos or decrescendos in between. I wish I could say there was a deeper meaning as to how it relates to this post, but rather than manufacture one, I’ll just tell you that there’s not. What I am referring to, however, is something I noticed during my recent trip to LA—namely, the prevalence of the rooftop bar.

Terrace - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Shirt c/o Banana Republic, Reiss chinos, J.Crew belt, Timex watch, Tom Ford glasses, Loafers c/o Allen Edmonds | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

I know that the rooftop bar is not an LA-specific phenomenon—New Yorkers love a good rooftop party as well. However, the guidance to check out this one or that one was generally the first recommendation I received from anybody I asked. It was a quirk akin to the “X restaurant is amazing (but the food sucks)” statement that I thought seemed particular to LA.

How do you dress for a rooftop bar? Well, it probably depends on which one you’re going to but for me the vibe at The Standard my first night in LA was simple, sleek, and stylish. Just the basics and a few great accessories, like my go-to watch, a braided leather belt, and a sharp pair of eyeglass frames.

Terrace - He Spoke Style

Terrace - He Spoke Style

Is there a good rooftop bar in your city? Tell me about it!

Thanks for reading.

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He Spoke Style


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  • Lawrence

    I like your choice of outfit, simple but sleek. Just my style :)

    • http://hespokestyle.com Brian Sacawa

      Cheers, Lawrence!

  • Darryle

    7 in Minneapolis

    • http://hespokestyle.com Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for the tip, Darryle. Will have to check that out some day.

  • Delano Scott

    Definitely like the outfit, who has simple can’t be profoundly stylish? The frames are awesome as well!

    • http://hespokestyle.com Brian Sacawa

      Cheers, Delano.

  • Patrick

    I have been following your blog for a long time now and love the styles you put together. If you don’t mind, consider checking out taftclothing.com for their no show socks, I think it may peak your interest.

    • http://hespokestyle.com Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for the tip, Patrick. I actually loaded up on more than a few pairs of these from J.Crew this summer.

  • MaxMax

    Nice write up. I love the Grand Caymans and picked up a pair on Ebay for 60% off retail in almost new condition. But I must say I have only worn them just a couple of times as Im not entirely sure when a good time to wear them would be. Somewhere I read they are considered “driving shoes”? Have you heard this term before? Not sure what it means. I also notice in your photos you wear them sans socks? THX for the great site!