Smart Casual

Take a look at just about any list or roundup of essential wardrobe items and you’re bound to see a heather grey cotton crew neck sweatshirt included. There’s a reason for that. Actually, there are a few. It’s a classic piece with a comfortable, casual, and understated style that is second to none. Here’s one way to wear it.

Sweatshirt Smart Casual - He Spoke Style

I talk a lot about making sure you’ve got your closet stocked with great basics. Basic wardrobe items are valuable for their utility as well as their versatility. A crew neck sweatshirt is a great example of this kind of casual staple.

We all know it in its athletic context as something to throw on when heading to the gym or out for a jog, but if you’ve chosen one with a trimmer fit—sizing down or not being scared to throw it in the dryer are also options—it can easily be a great-looking smart casual piece. Worn over a button-down and paired with chinos and some white sneakers—three other essentials—and you’ve got a perfect everyday look. Simple style defined.

Sweatshirt Smart Casual - He Spoke Style

Remember that style doesn’t mean having to go all out (or overboard) with details, and also, that there is a big distinction between being subtle and being “clever.” Often, the simplest outfits can be the most stylish. Why? Because there’s an ease to these kinds of looks. Navy suit, white button-up, white pocket square, brown loafers. Other than a watch and maybe some shades, do you really need anything else for that to look great?

Sweatshirt Smart Casual - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Levi’s sweatshirt, J.Crew shirt and chinos, Belt c/o Coach, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Timex watch, Common Projects sneakers (last seen HERE and HERE) | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo.

Sweatshirt Smart Casual - He Spoke Style

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  • Kris

    A perfect Sunday afternoon look! Looking great as usual.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Cheers, Kris. Thanks, as always, for reading.

  • mwanaidi

    nice look u always have a great sense of style

  • Igal Reysher

    So Cool outfit, Very nice and cosy.
    Great colors.


    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for the continued support, Igal.

  • Tom

    Thanks for the memories of weekend walks around Mt Vernon, nice to see that it is as beautiful as ever. And your outfit, once again, perfectly embodies “less is more.”


    • Brian Sacawa

      No problem, Tom. You’ll notice that the monument isn’t in any of these shots. It’s currently got a whole bunch of scaffolding around it. Unclear how long the project will take.

  • Andres Poiche
  • Raph

    You look so great with this simple outfit, love it.


    • Brian Sacawa

      Cheers, Raph. Thanks for reading.