Dressing It Down: The Double-Breasted Suit

A few tips for dressing down a double-breasted suit

We’ve made some pretty amazing strides in menswear over the past four or five years. An interest among the general public has grown and as a result the stigma of being well-dressed and what that might suggest about you as a man is waning big time.

Still, however, there are some classic menswear items that remain outliers to more guys. The double-breasted suit, for example. Despite the fact that popular ready-to-wear retailers are selling them, I think there’s a feeling that the DB isn’t an option.

The problem (as I see it)? It’s viewed as a more formal garment. The solution (also as I see it)? Learning how to dress it down. Here’s one way to do it this spring.



| WEARING | Ring Jacket suit, Peter Millar shirt, Drake’s tie, A. Lange & Söhne watch, To Boot New York shoes | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Denim shirt. I honestly cannot get enough of the denim button-up. In a sartorial world that has been either casual or dressy, it is truly the great equalizer and bridge between the two extremes. As a casual complement to a suit, it has no equal.

Colorful tie. Colorful does not have to mean bright and flamboyant. For spring, I’m a big fan of orange because of its earthiness. It stands out without making a big deal about itself. A perfect match for a navy suit.


Light brown shoes. An easy way to temper the formality of any suit is to choose a lighter pair of shoes. With a double-breasted suit, a pair of double monks adds a little Italian flair to a classic American business look.


We’re going to be talking more about this Ring jacket suit next week. If you’re not familiar with the brand, do a little research and let’s compare notes next Monday.

Thanks for reading.

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Brian Sacawa
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  • David Starzyk

    OK Brian,

    First off, I LOVE your site; actually written here a few times before. So, I’m a big thrift store guy: The other day I found a WILD YSL, Made in France, 8 button DB suit; one buttons THREE of the coat buttons, to make a very different-looking, unique, DB look. HOWEVER, it has NOTCHED LAPELS. Now, the pants alone are worth the paltry sum I paid for the thing; flat-front, great material, cut, etc. I am interested/experienced/knowledgable enough to know this is a not right. BUT…is it? Could I wear it? Should I? It seems to look rather…odd…is this some 80’s affectation? I am an actor; I could wear it as a costume. As said: The pants are finely made; perhaps I just closet the coat for an appropriate audition/role? HELP.