Three Reasons We’re Happy It’s Finally Fall

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And, of course, boots.

Besides the fact that it’s not hot and humid every day

Now that fall is truly here – it’s actually felt a bit more like winter, recently – there are many style-centric reasons to be happy. Here are three of our favorites packed into one casual weekend look.

mens quilted lavenham jacket

mens quilted lavenham jacket

| WEARING | Jacket c/o Lavenham, Drake’s scarf, J.Crew jeans, Oliver Peoples glasses, Rolex watch, Boots c/o Tawny Goods | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Quilted jackets. To be honest, outerwear is one of my favorite things about fall. There is such a range available, that your coat often becomes the centerpiece of any outfit. A quilted jacket, like this classic from our friends at Lavenham, adds texture and depth to your look and a healthy dose of warmth to your body.

Scarves. While early fall is the perfect time for lightweight scarves, once we get to the point where the chill starts to really get down into your bones, it’s time to break out the big guns. Break out of the monotony of a solid color scarf with one that has a rich pattern. Many you have asked about this scarf on Instagram – it’s from Drake’s and I picked it up recently at their pop-up shop in Soho, which I highly recommend checking out.

mens quilted lavenham jacket

Boots. Enough said. You know we’re a huge fan of getting booted during the fall and winter months. One tip: rolled jeans look great with boots. If your jeans have been hemmed – i.e. not long enough to do a double roll and cuff – give them a simple, single roll instead.

mens quilted lavenham jacket

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  • Yona Epstein Roth

    I found this blog post poignant and effective in what you were trying to communicate. The title, “Three Reasons We’re Happy it is Finally Fall” was cute and informative. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and it captured my attention. Furthermore, what I found extremely clever was the use of the word “we’re,” as opposed to making it an “I”. By doing this, you established quite successfully that your audience is a participant in the content of your blog and it isn’t all about you. It highlights the sense of community that blogs can create and made me feel like your knowledge was my knowledge too and that I was included in the conversation. This automatically created the value of what I am getting out of your blog.
    Your content was simple and filled with visual cues that helped the overall navigation of the post. Also, you used bolded words to highlight important areas that a reader who simply scans quickly will clock. The formatting visuals gave me a lot of inspiration for my own fashion blog: I write about fashion for the liberal minded man who is just starting, or wanting to start developing their own style.
    I also loved the end personal sign off. It was almost like an inside joke that was between both of us, and as a content creator, I appreciated that! And, the use of hyperlinks was something I struggled with understanding, but you used them in a clever and resourceful way that made me think about their use in a different way. It was embedded within the content, versus exiled and left stranded somewhere alone on the page. It was seamless and unobtrusive, but there if the reader was interested.
    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post and I will definitely return for more, not only to learn more about how to successfully create a fashion blog geared to men that is readable, compelling and fun, but as a fan.

  • Michael Dade

    Check out the quilted jackets from Poor Little Rich Boy at They have some nice quilted new additions coming this Friday that I think you would like and would complement your look. Follow them on IG at @plrbclothing.