Simple, Stylish & Comfortable Business Casual Shoes

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A dark suede lace-up takes a little bit of the formality out of the outfit. (So does a knit tie.)

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HSS Pick: Tod's Suede Derby Shoes

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Lose the laces for a classic slip-on. (And lose the blazer too.)

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A chelsea boot is not only stylish, but very comfortable. (As is a turtleneck.)

Four of the best and most comfortable shoes for business casual attire

Footwear is the anchor of every single outfit. And getting business casual right means making sure your shoe game is on point. Here are four different types of footwear to wear with business casual.

1. Suede Lace Ups

best business casual shoes men

A suede shoe has the ability to instantly dial down the formality of any outfit. And in a dark chocolate color, as picture above, they still maintain a level of dressiness that is commensurate with a business casual dress code.

Our Pick: Tod’s Suede Derby Shoes

2. Brogues

best business casual shoes men

A pair of brogues should be a staple of any guy’s shoe wardrobe. Though they are thought of as “dress shoes”, the perforations, or brogueing, gives them a casual tone and some stylish flair.

Our Pick: Allen Edmonds ‘Strand’

3. Loafers

best business casual shoes men

The loafer is the quintessential laid back and relaxed shoe option. It’s important to note that “relaxed” doesn’t have to mean “casual”. In a business casual setting, a loafer with suitably “relax” a more toned down, but still dressed up, outfit.

Our Pick: Cole Haan ‘Pinch Grand’ Horsebit Loafers

4. Chelsea Boots

best business casual shoes men

Of course, if you can have loafers with business casual, you can also have what we love to call the loafers of the boot world – chelsea boots. Not only are they stylish, but incredibly comfortable. A great choice if you have a date after work.

Our Pick: Cheaney Godfrey Leather Chelsea Boots

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  • beardedman

    All my shoes are Allen Edmonds because they are super comfortable. Wide range of styles and they are very well made.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Agreed. They are a super quality value at that price point

  • Jack of Clubs

    Ok – what’s your pick for best FALL option to wear with khaki chinos? Do you stick with a loafer, or do you go with a boot?

  • rikhard fsoss

    take a look at Carlos Santos shoes… they’re amazing.