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Settling In with the Familiar

Greetings from the road, everyone. Last week was one of the lightest we've had since starting the blog, but preparing for a 30+ day journey takes a lot out of you. As usual, Rob and I made the most of some pre-travel time to get some great content in the queue, though we'll be shooting for a couple very exciting partnerships as we travel. I've honestly been slammed and needed desperately to decompress last week so I could clear my mind and continue to be inspired. However, rest assured that we'll be keeping our usual publishing schedule as we travel, including a new series on the YouTube channel that'll be rolling out next week.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Double Up: Layered Topcoats

When I went to Milan last fall, I definitely had an agenda and a very specific list of things I'd hoped to acquire. A few shirts from Al Bazar, Cuban cigars, and a topcoat. Having checked off the first two items fairly quickly, I set about looking for my topcoat. Like many who travel to foreign soil, I was searching for something special and unique that you likely wouldn't see the Average Joe (or even studied aficionado) sporting in the States. Call it a bit of a grown-up menswear hipster complex, if you will.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Brown Is the New Black

Anyone who's been to NYC in the dead of winter knows that black is the unofficial uniform of the coldest and darkest days. Having just returned from Fashion Week activity, I can tell you that that tradition is alive and well. I love the idea of a uniform, especially when it comes to menswear, but there are times when I like to stand apart, just a bit but not too much.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Valentine’s Day Style: Smooth Operator

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether you've got a big date with a long-time significant other, new flame, or if you're flying solo, you'll want to look your best. Here's the first of two looks we're publishing this week for some ideas to help you dress to impress and spend your Valentine's Day in style.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Keep Your Edge: 5 Casual Weekend Style Ideas

It's Friday and the weekend is on its way. Thankfully. Unless your plans include a dinner date, weekend style is generally all about keeping it casual. However, that doesn't have to mean boring and plain. Here are five ideas for adding a little bit of an edge to your casual style this weekend.  VIEW MORE ▶︎