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Pack Smart, Stay Classic

Traveling is tiring. Having been on the road for an entire month now, I'm speaking from experience. Even when you try to rest and take it easy, there's just something about travel that takes a lot out of you – both physically and mentally. That lack of mental energy often results in not having the capacity to think much (or at all) about putting something solid together to wear. That's why it's important to pack smart and stick to the basics. Here's a look from when Rob and I were out and about in Minneapolis.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Brown Is the New Black

Anyone who's been to NYC in the dead of winter knows that black is the unofficial uniform of the coldest and darkest days. Having just returned from Fashion Week activity, I can tell you that that tradition is alive and well. I love the idea of a uniform, especially when it comes to menswear, but there are times when I like to stand apart, just a bit but not too much.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

The Go-To: Everyday Winter Classics

Simple, no-nonsense, no-brainer. Everyone's got to have something in their back pocket for those days when there's a quick turnaround necessary from the time you wake up to when you need to step (or rush) out the door. For me, that's a combination of a few great basics like a well-fitted button-down and worn-in pair of denim matched with classic items like a waistcoat, tie, and jacket in winter-weight fabrics.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Upgrade Your Luggage: The Leather Duffle

There are many choices when it comes to luggage. The type of luggage you choose depends as much on the kind of traveling you're going to be doing as well your personal tastes. One of my favorite travel pieces is big on both style and practicality: the leather duffle bag.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Money in the Bank: The Classic Navy Suit

There is no more timeless and versatile menswear piece than the classic navy suit. Just as there are nearly endless styling possibilities, there are also many directions you can go within the navy suit realm. Your choice of fabric has a huge impact on many things, including the the suit's level of formality as well as if you'll be able to part it out and wear each piece as a separate. Here are a few tips to help you decide what navy suit is right for you.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Mixing Fall Fabrics: Denim, Tweed, and Flannel

Greetings from Albuquerque, everyone. It's hard to believe, but Rob and I have been on the road for an entire month. And today, I'm finally flying home for a brief second before heading to New York to shoot for an upcoming collaboration and then immediately on to Milan for some much needed R&R as well as a few meetings. One of the challenges of traveling so much is making sure we've got content in the can, which means we'll shoot as much as possible before long trips like the one we've been on. Today's look is one that we shot prior to leaving and mixes up a few of my favorite fall fabrics.  VIEW MORE ▶︎