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And the Award Goes To…

A little late on the draw here, but hey, better late than never! A couple months ago, we were invited to attend Fashion Awards MD's annual event, where we were nominated in the Best Blog category. To be completely honest, I had no idea what to expect. Though we're Baltimore-based, we've never really interfaced with the local scene other than featuring my barber and tailor here on the site. So I was genuinely surprised and excited when we were announced as the winners in our category. This is what I wore to the event.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

At Home

I want to tell you something. I don't always wear a three-piece suit. And though I'm rarely without my favorite Ray-Ban Clubmasters when I'm outside, I'm not the kind of guy to wear them indoors. These things are probably fairly obvious, but I thought I should maybe clear up any confusion. And since I'm frequently asked what I wear when I'm just relaxing at home, I thought it would be fun to invite you into my house and show you a little bit of what my laid back style looks like.  VIEW MORE ▶︎