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A Sleeveless Summer “Blazer”

The unofficial start of summer means it's time to begin thinking about dressing for warmer temperatures. A simple way to look dapper in the heat involves losing the blazer, wearing a waistcoat solo, and rolling up your sleeves a bit. Here's some inspiration.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Everyday Classic: Khaki Trench In-Between

In your day to day, what's the first coat you think to grab before heading out the door? Peacoat? Quilted jacket? Leather bomber? Wool topcoat? Something military-inspired? How about a khaki trench coat? Because of it's timeless style and the fact that it pairs so well with a suit, a khaki trench might not be the first coat that jumps to mind. But like all classic menswear pieces, it's got versatility built in. Add a classic touch to an everyday look with a lightweight khaki trench.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Double Down: Creative Sweater Layering

Greetings from Texas, everyone. Rob and I have been traveling for nearly a month now and we are looking forward to finally heading home at the end of this week. I know we're in the midst of fall, but it's been feeling a lot like winter, even down here in the south. It was 36 degrees a couple days ago when we were in San Antonio! Crazy weather, but at least the transition heading back east won't be quite as jarring. As it's started to cool down, it's time to start thinking about layering a little differently. Here's a creative approach to layering with multiple sweaters.  VIEW MORE ▶︎