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Pack Smart, Stay Classic

Traveling is tiring. Having been on the road for an entire month now, I'm speaking from experience. Even when you try to rest and take it easy, there's just something about travel that takes a lot out of you – both physically and mentally. That lack of mental energy often results in not having the capacity to think much (or at all) about putting something solid together to wear. That's why it's important to pack smart and stick to the basics. Here's a look from when Rob and I were out and about in Minneapolis.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Settling In with the Familiar

Greetings from the road, everyone. Last week was one of the lightest we've had since starting the blog, but preparing for a 30+ day journey takes a lot out of you. As usual, Rob and I made the most of some pre-travel time to get some great content in the queue, though we'll be shooting for a couple very exciting partnerships as we travel. I've honestly been slammed and needed desperately to decompress last week so I could clear my mind and continue to be inspired. However, rest assured that we'll be keeping our usual publishing schedule as we travel, including a new series on the YouTube channel that'll be rolling out next week.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Shift Into Neutral: Browns and Greys

Blue, grey, and brown. Three of menswear's great neutrals and perfect starting points for building any look. Creating something interesting, however, doesn't mean having to add a splash of color with a tie or pocket square. Mixing neutrals can be anything but plain. Here's one way to do it with a simple brown, grey, and blue combination. No flash necessary.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Mix & Match: The Odd Vest

When it comes to suits, you'll never get a bigger bang for your buck than with a three-piece. The simple addition of a waistcoat dramatically increases your styling options. Regular HSS readers already know this and have heard me say it a thousand times. Wearing a three-piece suit cut from the same cloth is simple, but can sometimes be a bit dressy. Change it up with an odd vest.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

The Mustache: Let’s Talk About It

If you follow HSS on Instagram, you may have noticed that Rob and I were in NYC last week shooting a special project that we'll be publishing on Monday. You may have also noticed that I was sporting a little something on my upper lip. A mustache isn't something I've ever worn regularly, but I was interested in trotting it out as a different feature of my personal style as well as a way to start a conversation. So, let's talk about it.  VIEW MORE ▶︎