Driving gloves tend to be objects of both fascination and bewilderment. On the one hand, they look ridiculously cool, so you want to wear them. But then there’s the part of you that’s like, “Wait, they have holes in them. They must not keep your hands very warm.”

Driving gloves are a bit of an anomaly in the glove world for that reason, though they do serve several key purposes. So why wear driving gloves? Here are five reasons.

5 Reasons to Wear Driving Gloves

Grip and control. You may not need the same kind of control over the wheel as, say, a race car driver, but when you do have to think and act fast – swerving, changing lanes quickly, dropping your gearshift into third on the highway to get around that loser who’s doing 55mph in the left lane – it’s good to know the wheel isn’t going to slip out of your hands. Driving gloves deliver that.

Reduce hand fatigue. On short drives, you don’t really need driving gloves. But on long road trips, like ones through Europe, your hands will get tired from holding the wheel. Driving gloves help reduce hand fatigue by dampening the wheel’s vibrations.

Comfort. No, driving gloves won’t stand up to the cold outside of the car, but inside, they’re more than enough. The fact that they hug your skin actually helps with insulation.

In the heat, the ventilation as a result of the holes will allow moisture to evaporate, which has a cooling effect. Additionally, driving gloves will prevent the transfer of moisture to the steering wheel which will greatly reduce the chance of getting a blister.

Protect your steering wheel. Not only do driving gloves protect your hands by creating a barrier for moisture between the wheel, they also protect your steering wheel itself. You never want sweat to ruin your leather steering wheel – or your wood or ivory one, if you’re a classic car guy.

Cool factor. Though driving gloves were always cool, they’ve come back recently in a big way. Who can we thank for that? I’m going to say Ryan Gosling as “The Kid” in Drive.

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