The short answer: no.

However, like anything style-related, when it comes to hat etiquette, there is always a more nuanced way to explain things. After all, though there are rules of style, they should always be treated as guidelines.

For that explanation, we’re turning to our resident hat expert, Alex Mroz, of the Goorin Bros. hat shop. Here’s his advice:

As a general rule, men should remove their hat when indoors.

“Men should think of their hat as outerwear, because essentially that is what it is. Meaning, when you arrive inside a restaurant, cafe, bar, church, etc., you should take it off – if not immediately upon entrance, then certainly when you arrive to your table, seat, booth or pew. You wouldn’t wear your coat to the dinner table, right? And you shouldn’t wear your hat.

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As for most public places, such as office lobbies and elevators, it is okay to leave it on, though upon entering someone’s office, I would take it off.

Train stations are fair game for leaving it on, as are airports. I have left mine on while sitting at the bar for a quick pint (though this was due to lack of space for hanging), but would never do so if I had a seat at a table.

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Just remember, as a general rule, men should remove their hat when indoors. When in doubt, take it off.”

Chime in: What are your thoughts on wearing hats indoors?

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

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