Sillage is the degree to which a fragrance hangs in the air. However, sillage is completely independent of a fragrance’s intensity.

Sillage is the french word for “wake”. Think of a boat’s wake as it moves through the water or a vapor trail left by a plane. It’s there, makes a statement and then disappears.

Sillage does not refer to the length of time a fragrance lingers on the skin. It is, rather, how far away from the person the scent travels, also referred to as the scent’s “throw”.

Some fragrances that have a strong sillage are said to have “monster sillage”. The amount of sillage in a cologne one chooses to wear is very much an extension of the wearer’s personality. Some may prefer a strong sillage, while some may consider a subtle one to be much more seductive.



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