8 shoe shine kits that will give your shoes a professional looking polish

Like most menswear aficionados, we strongly recommend investing in quality shoes. Not only do they look great but they’ll last just about forever. That said, they’ll only last forever if you take proper care of them!

Along with using shoe trees regularly, the central aspect of your shoe care routine will definitely be polishing. And while it’s not too hard to build a kit from scratch on your own, picking out your specific waxes, conditioners, brushes and whatnot, there are plenty of quality kits that will get you off on the right foot with much less shopping around. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites above.

A quick note: for the most part, a reliable brand like Kiwi will do you just fine, but if you’re looking to truly splurge, we’ve included some luxe with a capital ‘L’ options as well. The polish itself won’t be that significantly different, but you’ll get some premium accessories and cases in buttery smooth leather or perfectly polished wood. However, do not feel like you have to spend big bucks on your shoe care!


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