Finish off Your Look with these five Pocket Squares

When I first started getting into mens clothing, I didn’t have a wide range of suits or sport coats that I could consistently rotate in my wardrobe. I followed what most men who learn about fashion do; buy the basics and try and get creative with what you’ve got.

The pocket square is one of those items that I think makes a huge difference when I put on my suit for the day. It might be the artist in me, but there’s something about that 45cm x 45cm piece of fabric that can help finish off the look. I’m always intrigued and excited about buying new ones.

Solid or classic patterned pocket squares are a great starting point, but I find myself seeking squares with larger motifs, one-of-a-kind artworks and interesting color palettes. For a beginner, these can work well with a standard solid color suit, easily providing interest and contrast to your look. For more experienced sartorialist, these types of squares add that final accouterment of elegance to your look.

Whether you’re searching for a conversation starter or love wearing pieces of art, here are 5 must-have pocket squares you should consider buying right now.



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