2015 was a big year for wearable technology. Yet despite the hype it received, I’m not sure it caught on as the trend everyone thought or expected it would. Part of the reason for that is that wearable tech, especially in watch form, just isn’t as stylish as a classic timepiece.

There is one place where wearable tech has excelled and that is in the fitness tracking space. But again, it’s kind of hard to find a standalone piece that is both functional and classically stylish.

I have found one fitness tracker that fits that bill, however – the iFit classic. In my opinion, it’s the most stylish fitness tracker out there and the one that most looks like a watch. Actually, it looks an awful lot like Raymond Weil’s new Freelancer Piper watch – and that’s a good thing.

Have you seen any other stylish fitness trackers out there?

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Brian Sacawa
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