Auf und ab, meine Freunde

If you’re a fan of A. Lange & Söhne watches, you’ve probably heard the term “up down” used in reference to a couple of their timepieces. Specifically, the 1815 and the Datograph. What does “up down” refer to? You’ve got to know a little German.

Up in German is ‘auf’ and down is ‘ab’. In reference to a Lange watch, it refers to the presence of a power reserve indicator, which features prominently on the iconic Lange 1. Up (auf) means full power, down (ab) means empty.

lange watch what does up down mean

While the Lange 1 has featured this from its inception, calling it an “up down” would be a bit redundant. The 1815 and the Datograph, on the other hand (or wrist), had this feature added later, making the specific indication a way to distinguish them from other models.

On the 1815, the power reserve is located on a register at eight o’clock on the dial. On the Datograph, it takes up much less real estate on the dial, with a small carrot just above six o’clock.

Images via Time+Tide Watches


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