Quotes and words of wisdom from one of the most stylish men to have ever lived

Simply put, Gianni Agnelli was one of the world’s most iconically stylish men. And he lived a life most of us can only aspire to. He was wealthy, he was incredibly suave, he had impeccable business skills and was exceptionally stylish.

In addition to all of that, he was an astute observer of the world around him. Here are 10 of Gianni Agnelli’s best quotes.

“I like the wind because you can’t buy it.”

“A thing done well can be done better.”

“Everybody’s a playboy. Everybody tries to be one, some manage it, others don’t.”

“You can do anything, but you can’t leave the family.”

“I like beautiful things that are well made. I even believe aesthetics are equivalent to ethics. Something that is beautiful is ethical, and unethical things aren’t beautiful—from tax dodging to doing things in an underhand way.”

gianni agnelli quotes

“Everything I’ve got, I’ve inherited. My grandfather did it all. I owe everything to the right of ownership and the right of inheritance; I’ve added the duty of responsibility to that.”

“The chauffeur never drives. I always drive, it’s a habit of mine. Once, when people travelled by horse-drawn vehicles, they said, ‘There are those who prefer to sit on the box, and those who prefer to sit inside the carriage’. I prefer sitting on the box.”

“Oh, I’ve certainly never been short of pleasure. Do you know what real pleasure is? A creative act. A pleasure without creativity is dead boring.”

“My whole life has consisted of betting on the future.”

“A boss who doesn’t expect a company to make profits is a very bad boss.”


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