The definition and meaning of the five o’clock shadow

Known also by the terms stubble, scruff and permashadow, the five o’clock shadow is both a phenomenon the all men experience as well as a look that many men embrace on a daily basis.

But what is it, exactly?

Here’s the definition:

A five o’clock shadow refers to the appearance of slight beard growth on a man’s chin, face and neck later in the day since shaving in the morning.

Any guy that shaves in the morning, knows that around five o’clock – much earlier for some – that beard starts to grow in again. Thus, the term five o’clock shadow.

For men who like to (or have to) be clean-shaven, it’s a perpetual project. Yet for other guys, the five o’clock shadow is a bona fide style choice.

Those who eschew the five o’clock shadow, gripe that it looks lazy, dirty or unkempt.

Those who embrace it love it for its rugged, roguish look and sex appeal.

Featured image via Men’s Journal



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