Searching for a Unique Pocket Square

Besides a wristwatch or a tie clip, a pocket square is an accessory that adds just the right amount of depth and interest to a look. Often overlooked, they can be a powerful way of expressing one’s personality without being too obvious. Men are bored with the basics, today’s pocket squares have come to resemble pocket-sized pieces of art rather than just plain white squares. A unique pocket square can certainly be the icing on the cake when it comes to completing your look. Here are 10 pocket squares that make big impact:

1. Eton Cotton Pocket Square

There’s something about a pocket square that looks as elegant as this in your pocket but so incredibly vibrant and full of life when it’s opened up. This Eton pocket square checks both of those boxes.

SHOP HERE: Eton Cotton Pocket Square – $80.00

2. Drakes Printed Pocket Square

The undisputed champ of a well-made pocket square, Drakes has been on the top of their game with mens accessories. This cotton pocket square has great colors and boasts a uniquely detailed print.

SHOP HERE: Drake’s Printed Pocket Square – $75.00

3. Brooks Brothers Archival Collection Pocket Square

With their rich history, Brooks Brothers, certainly has a great collection of unique pocket squares. This design is from their archival series that first produced in 1981. The print portrays a classic American summer.

SHOP HERE: Brooks Brothers Archival Collection Pocket Square – $65.00


4. Ted Baker Silk Floral Print Pocket Square

Sometimes a little bit of floral can go a long way. This 100% silk pocket square from Ted Baker is made in Italy and has the right pop of color you needed for your everyday suits.

SHOP HERE: Ted Baker Silk Floral Print Pocket Square – $49.00

5. Reiss Printed Pocket Square

This Reiss pocket square hits all the right notes. Great colors, geometric shapes and best of all, it’s dirt cheap.

SHOP HERE: Reiss Printed Pocket Square – $20.00

6. Rumisu Silk Pocket Square

This Rumisu pocket square is made in Turkey by two sisters who have a love for one-of-a-kind illustrations. Its whimsical design is a combination of beautiful silk and hand-rolled edges.

SHOP HERE: Rumisu Silk Pocket Square – $135.00

7. Mess Of Blues Cocktail Hour Pocket Square

Pocket squares should be fun and this cocktail hour pattern plays up the lighter side of personal style. A perfect gift for someone who loves a good cocktail or works in the service industry.

SHOP HERE: Mess Of Blues Cocktail Hour Pocket Square – $120.00

8. Eton Tennis Racket Pocket Square

Another great gift idea, Eton makes some really great shirts and the same goes for their pocket squares. This pocket square has a playful but slightly preppy feel.

SHOP HERE: Eton Tennis Racket Pocket Square – $56.00

9. Fractal Silk Pocket Square

Great looking pocket squares don’t have to cost a ton. This patterned pocket square has an interesting pattern and looks just as good wrapped around your neck as a summer scarf.

SHOP HERE: Fractal Silk Pocket Square – $35.00

10. BOSS Graphic Print Pocket Square

This pocket square reminds me of those Magic Eye books when I was younger. Even better is affordable and will go great with a navy or grey suit.

SHOP HERE: BOSS Graphic Print Pocket Square – $48.00




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