Our Favorite Tie Clips

The tie clip is most certainly a quintessential accessory in the history of classic mens style. Though relatively small in size, a tie clip can add a small touch of interest to your look all while sticking to its primary purpose of securing your neckwear. While popularity has wavered over the years, affordability allows men once on the fence, to wear them without hesitation. With so many variations and styles available, we put together a list of a few of our favorites.

1. Ties.com Executive Clasp

Bored with the standard silver or gold tie clip, Try rose gold. Its distinctive color pairs well with neutrals like navy, beige or green.

SHOP HERE: Ties.com Executive Clasp In Rose Gold – $25.00

2. Brooks Brother Silver Herringbone Tie Clip

From afar, this tie clip looks like your standard silver type. Get up close and you’ll notice its subtle herringbone pattern which adds a level of stylish detail that others will notice.

SHOP HERE: Brooks Brother Sterling Herringbone Tie Clip – $172.00

3. LINK UP Sodalite Tie Clip

Looking for a unique tie clip? This model has an inlay of sodalite, a rare and precious gemstone, for men who want to add a little layer boldness to their style.

SHOP HERE: LINK UP Sodalite Tie Clip – $75.00

4. Lanvin Brushed Rhodium-Plated Tie Clip

This brushed tie clip from Lanvin is for the guy who likes to keep his look minimal. This straightforward tie clip will pair well with any suit and tie combination you can imagine.

SHOP HERE: Lanvin Brushed Rhodium-Plated Tie Clip – $140.00

5. Bloomingdales Brushed Tie Clip

This tie clip from Bloomingdales has a raised brushed center and shiny outer edge. The contrast helps give it a little more visual interest without being too distracting.

SHOP HERE: Bloomingdales Brushed Tie Clip – $30.00

6. Paul Smith Multi-Stripe Tie Clip


best tie clip brandsThere were times when tie clips only came in silver or gold. Today there are options. This tie clip is someone who prefers their accessories with a touch of color. Made bu Paul Smith, this tie clip comes with an inlay of enamel in his patented multi-stripe pattern. A nod to the eccentric British designer.

SHOP HERE: Paul Smith Multi-Stripe Tie Clip – $76.00

7. Dunhill Patterned Tie Clip

A faceted diamond patterned tie clip, designed to stylishly secure your neckwear, This Dunhill tie clip is a expensive but the epitome of class and elegance.

SHOP HERE: Dunhill Patterned Tie Clip – $195.00

8. The TieBar Gold Align Tie Clip

Tie clips don’t have to cost a fortune. This simple gold tie clip from The Tie Bar is a great option for the man who’s just learning how to wear one. They also offer 3 different sizes, depending on your personal style and neckwear width.

SHOP HERE: The TieBar Gold Align Tie Clip – $15.00

9. Speidel Engine Turned Tie Clip

This tie clip from Speidel has a retro feel and certainly would make a great gift when engraved with your initials. It strikes a perfect balance of classic style and functionality.

SHOP HERE: Speidel Engine Turned Tie Clip – $32.00

10. Hook and Albert Gun Metal Tie Clip

Sometimes a simple twist on a classic can be a good thing. If you’re not into silver or gold, try this gunmetal tie clip from Hook and Albert. This of it as the tie clip with a little edge.

SHOP HERE: Hook and Albert Gun Metal Tie Clip – $22.50



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