Actually, the best no-show socks for men aren’t for men

It never ceases to amaze me just how contentious the going “sockless” in the summer question can be. I mean, it’s serious! Put opposing opinion-holders in a small, enclosed space and I wager there would be blood spilled. Of course, the little often-ignored secret is that “sockless” is well-deserving of those scare/air quotes. Rarely will you find a gentleman actually not wearing socks with his loafers. Rather, he’ll have some form of no-show socks on to spare his leather shoes the sweaty stank.

As a proponent of the sockless look, I have tried many different brands of no-show socks. The brand of no-show socks I have the most of is J.Crew. (Quick side note, but it has been a while since I’ve perused the J.Crew sock selection, but what the hell is going on?!) They work, but they’re not perfect, as they could frequently be seen peeking out of my loafers.

However, I have recently discovered the best men’s no-show socks in the world. The ironic thing is that the best no-show socks for men are not actually no-show socks for men. They are, in fact, women’s peds. I’m completely serious. Try them out before passing judgement. And then come back here and tell me they’re not amazing.



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