Minimal sneakers that look grown up

Brian recently published video on the channel, where he talks about common dressing mistakes men make even into their 40s.

Getting older means knowing how to dress for your age. These days, I can’t tell you how many older men I see wearing the wrong footwear to try and appear hip or younger. This isn’t college anymore, guys. Your time for experimenting is over. When you’re not wearing a well-made pair of dress shoes, you should aim to wear something that’s comfortable and looks mature, like a great pair of minimal sneakers.

Not all sneakers are created equal. Sneakers that boast unnecessary large logos and flashy color schemes should be far away from your closet as possible. I find owning a great pair of minimal sneakers can sharpen up any casual look or, in some cases, even dress down a suit. What’s more is that today, you don’t need to break the bank to find minimal sneakers that look grown up.

It’s time to ditch those old athletic shoes and wear something more your age. Check out our roundup in the slideshow above of some of the best minimal sneakers.



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