Keep your hands warm in style

Fall and winter are a godsend for stylish men – gone are the days where you can barely handle more than a t-shirt and shorts, and in are the days filled with cardigans, flannel suits, toothy blazers, rugged denim and boots… I could go on and on.

Icing on the cake? You get to accessorize too! And those accessories are actually practical. A nautical bracelet won’t keep you cool in the summer, but a good pair of gloves sure as hell will save your poor fingers from frostbite. If you’re willing to invest a bit and spring for leather over wool or another knit, those gloves can be very good-looking too – even good enough to hold their own next to your sharpest suit and topcoat.

These days, the varieties are countless – suede, calfskin, or deerskin, black, brown or blue, simple leather or lined in luxurious cashmere, et al. Honestly, you name it, it’s out there. Use the slideshow above for a roundup of 10 of our favorite stylish leather gloves for fall and winter.



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