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Cassie Ivey

Pinterest Specialist

Cassie Ivey is a Texas native and serial entrepreneur. She sold handmade leather goods in college for pocket money and started her first real business, a coffee shop, right after graduating. In the process of promoting her coffee shop, she fell in love with digital marketing and graphic design. She moved to Pennsylvania so that her husband could get his masters degree and left the coffee shop behind, but she didn’t love the job market she found herself in.

She discovered Pinterest as a powerhouse for marketing and saw that there was a need for specialists in the platform, so she invested in education, gained experience, and started her own marketing agency helping businesses maintain a strong and meaningful presence on Pinterest. She now takes advantage of the ability to work from anywhere and has enjoyed driving results for her clients in over 10 countries.

She got connected to He Spoke Style through her husband who is a fan and flagged their ad looking for a Pinterest Manager. She loves working with the company that keeps her husband looking so good! Cassie has a Masters in Global Business, she is a musician, a former ballerina, and a lover of Egyptology.