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One of the things—alright, actually the thing—that I have enjoyed most about He Spoke Style and, in particular, the HSS YouTube channel, is the community we’ve cultivated and the connection that I feel to all of you.

I want to strengthen that connection.

I created the Fully Canvassed newsletter to give you an exclusive look inside He Spoke Style as well as my unvarnished, unfiltered personal perspective on all things menswear and, well, life! Let’s go beyond the channel.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get

Weekly status update.
I’m pulling the curtain back and going behind the scenes. Know what’s in the queue for the week ahead and what we’re working on for the future.

Insider perspective.
Learn exactly what I think about current menswear news, trends, and issues.

Direct line of communication. 
Engage directly with me and other members of the HSS community beyond the channel’s topic du jour.

A seat at the table. 
Enjoy immediate influence on the direction of HSS via discussion threads and thought prompts.

Personal touch. 
I’m just a regular guy. (I know, it’s hard to believe… <— that’s sarcasm.) You’ll figure that out real quick!

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You’ll never have to worry about missing anything. Each new weekly edition of Fully Canvassed goes straight to your inbox.

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