The Bold Vest – Fad Or Style Upgrade

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Show off some of your sartorial flair

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A bold vest will attract attention. Be confident.

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The perfect bold vest can elevate an otherwise simple spring look

Is the Bold Vest A Good Investment?

Over the last decade, I’ve noticed men dressing expressively again. Once held to the parameters of the typical grey or blue, men are now opting for patterned sport coats and unconventionally colored suits.

Admittedly, not for everyone, wearing something out of your comfort zone isn’t justifiable for every man’s wardrobe. Posed with wearing the basic uniform or yielding to the latest trends, some gentlemen prefer to remain with conventional attire.

One of the ways I’ve learn to express myself while maintaining a polished appearance is by introducing a bold vest or waistcoat into my wardrobe. I love a great, bold vest. An easy style upgrade gathers some attention. It’s not that I require the attention, but I’m amazed by how a single piece of clothing can change the look of a suit or plain pair of trousers into something more compelling.

When paired tastefully, the bold vest has an instant impact on your look. I find pairing one with a solid suit is simple, elegant and always garners a compliment. The idea is not to stand out, but to show that you possess a refined level of taste and confidence.

While a lot of men ask, “Is Suitsupply worth the money?” I rarely doubt what the Amsterdam-based brand has produced over the years. As Brian wrote previously, they have their pros and cons. Regardless, I am a huge fan of their bold patterned vests. They work with all the typical European fabric mills and offer a wide range of seasonally appropriate vests. I haven’t found a selection of bold vests anywhere else in the market, aside from having to ordering a custom 3-piece suit.

| WEARING | Spier & Mackay Brown linen suit, Twillory White Dress Shirt, Suitsupply pattern vest, Johnston & Murphy tassel loafer | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Victoria Saperstein

Before you ask, yes, wearing a vest during spring or summer is appropriate. When it gets too warm for a jacket, a vest/waistcoat can be the perfect solution to looking put together.

Focusing on the type of fabric and when to wear it will inevitably be the most important factors. A bold vest in a cotton/linen/silk blend will give you the most versatility when mixing it with your everyday wardrobe.

While the bold vest might only appear reasonable for those who are stylish and poised, its purpose in a man’s wardrobe is hard to deny. Fad or style upgrade, whichever you believe, learning to wear a bold vest can come at a certain age or with the perfect balance of confidence and carefree attitude.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Steven D. Elliott
He Spoke Style


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  • Tom B

    Steven, I’m going to break Mom’s Golden Rule – If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all – because you’ve been a welcome addition to HSS and I hope to see you keep contributing and improving. So, this is one man’s opinion, but no…. this look veers dangerously into trying to hard. I know this is meant to be a casual look, but it overwhelms – rumpled linen, no tie, shirt unbuttoned a bit too far, no socks, tassels, puff fold pocket square (wool?), and then the vest? To me it all just clashes rather than harmonizes. Also… sotto voce… take this to your tailor, although I don’t believe he can fix the shoulders, maybe take in the hips.

    Looking forward to more great posts, but we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

    • Steven Elliott

      Hey Tom,

      I have no problems with your opinions. Personally I quite like the look. I assure you that I wasn’t trying too hard. The linen is a bit thicker then some I’ve had in the past. Appreciate your honesty. I’ll try and restore your faith in my pieces moving forwards.


    • Pedro Lambareiro

      If you need the tie, you have no place in a private jet.

  • Eric White

    Wow… the color of the dress… one of my favorite thanks for the tips yah :)

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  • Larry Knopf

    I think this one misses the mark entirely. I’m so fussy about the pressed look. This suit fabric is a definite no go. The jacket is not fitting well as evidenced by the dimple where the sleeve and jacket connect. The vest if fine. I like the lapel/vest look. But the only dress shoes that work with no socks are suede loafers.

  • Hide and Seek

    The suit looks fantastic, not a fan of the west thought.
    In Scandinavian city fashion (slimmer pants, glossier fabrics, athletic fit blazers) have always been accompanied by a west for the total look.