Though it is possible to wear a velvet blazer casually, its true calling is as a distinctive piece of evening wear. There is no place a velvet blazer is more at home than at a nighttime special occasion or party, especially during the holiday season. And for a post-work happy hour or an evening cocktail date, it’s a great piece to pull out if your goal is to make a sharp and sophisticated impression. Here’s one way to wear a velvet blazer out for cocktails.

Velvet Blazer: Cocktail Hour - He Spoke Style

Velvet blazers come in a variety of colors, but black is by far the most versatile. If you are considering adding one to your collection, I would recommend a black one simply for the bang-for-the-buck factor. Keep in mind that despite it’s muted color, the fabric itself will make a statement. This is not a blazer to wear out if you want to avoid conversation.

Because velvet has such a distinctive look and feel, style it in such a way to really play up contrasts. A wool pant in a rich and unexpected color with a subtle pattern works well.

Velvet Blazer: Cocktail Hour - He Spoke Style

Getting dressed up and looking comfortable, relaxed, and like you didn’t get dressed up is definitely a bit of an acquired skill. And in the context of a cocktail date, it can mean the difference between appearing self-conscious or self-confident. If you feel like wearing a tie, a knit tie sans tie bar will definitely project a cool and casual confidence. And don’t forget the details—a collar bar can be a great alternative to a tie bar and, of course, a pocket square is a must. I’ve recently been favoring a classic, no nonsense pocket square fold.

Velvet Blazer: Cocktail Hour - He Spoke Style

Velvet Blazer: Cocktail Hour - He Spoke Style

This Look: Black velvet blazer c/o Banana Republic (similar ON SALE here, also check out this slick double-breasted version) – Dress shirt with burgundy stripes c/o Deo Veritas (similar here) – Plum wool pants c/o Reiss – Black silk knit tie by J.Crew – Vintage gold collar bar (similar here) – White pocket square by Nordstrom – Black leather belt c/o Banana Republic – Watch with black leather strap by Timex – Black monk strap shoes c/o Banana Republic

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Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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