Why Wearing A T-Shirt and Suit Still Looks Cool in 2020

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A look that conveys some attitude and confidence.

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A rule to live by: tuck your t-shirt.

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My go-to summer look.

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A well-made pair of sneakers can complete the look.

The Case for a T-shirt and Suit This Summer

With summer in full swing, I thought now might be the right time to revisit one of the easiest way to look casually tailored. In the past, we’ve talked at length about how to wear a t-shirt with a suit and even noted a few rules you should follow when wearing one. Today, we’ll look at an easy way of wearing a t-shirt with tailoring – and why I think in 2020, it still looks damn good.

t-shirt with suit outfit 2020

A lot of people will tell you that a suits aren’t meant to be dressed down. I’m sure at some point I followed that rule but over the years, with the help from people like Brian, I’ve started to incorporate my tailored clothing into more laid-back and casual styles of dressing. There’s a feeling of confidence when tryin wearing a t-shirt with a suit. One that that doesn’t appear douchey or arrogant but practical.

t-shirt with suit outfit 2020t-shirt with suit outfit 2020

| WEARING | Suitopia navy suit, Cobbler Union “Uno” sneaker, Calvin Klein t-shirt, Rayban clubmaster sunglasses, brown leather plaque belt | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Mark Asuncion

The t-shirt isn’t just a classic garment, its considered a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity. There’s a reason movie stars like James Dean and Marlon Brando forged careers looking good in a t-shirt. The juxtaposition of casual and elegance matches my personality and why I love wearing them together.

t-shirt with suit outfit 2020

When it comes to choosing which suit to wear, my advice is to first, use what you’ve got. Stay away from brightly colored or bold pattern jackets. The basics can go a long way. This lightweight navy suit is mostly worn at work but can still look great when worn casually. The jacket is made with a tropical weight super 120’s fabric from Vitale Barberis Canonico. It’s fairly lightweight, keep me cool and doesn’t hold wrinkles that a cotton or linen suit might.

t-shirt with suit outfit 2020

I typically favor things that are subtle but made with luxurious materials. To me, nothing finishes off a t-shirt and suit combination than a pair of high-end suede sneakers. It’s an ideal high/low combination that anyone can accomplish. No fancy logos or embroidered bee motifs. Just a simple well-made sneaker in a neutral tone that can complete this sporty look.

Have you ever tried wearing a t-shirt with a suit? Tell us in the comments.

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  • grey0135

    The practical reality is that unless you’re posing for a magazine, this look just doesn’t work. As Brian pointed out in a separate article, the “ Number One Men’s Style Mistake” is “trying too hard.” Wearing a white wifebeater with a suit violates that rule. If you really want to do the hi-low thing, you’ll get better results pairing a long sleeved polo with a suit. Or if you really must wear a T-shirt, make it a navy merino T-shirt. But the disparity between the white undershirt and the suit is just too great.


    • Steven Elliott

      Thanks for the comment Grey,

      This look certainly isn’t for everyone. I appreciate the comments and will take them as a valid criticism.


  • Jakub

    Also from a practical point of view, any shirt without collar (i.e. T-shirt) will let the sweat from the neck leave stains on a jacket. That’s why I am not a big fan of t-shirt with suit combo.

    Apart from that, could you write few more words about how Suitopia does work, Steven? I found out that my local tailor here in Berlin is part of it. But I doubt that he produces suits. Happy to see some words from you.

    • Steven Elliott

      Hi Jakub,

      I don’t think you need to be worried about sweat if you’ve got the right suit. If I was really worried about sweat I wouldn’t wear any clothes at all during the summer. This was just to show that you can still wear a suit during the summer. If you feel like its too hot, you can take the jacket off an still look smart!

      In response to your question about Suitopia. They work like most MTM brands. You have the choice of pre-designed suits you can simply input your measurements and have the garment made and shipped. Think turn around is about 3 weeks (don’t quote me). If you prefer doing a custom piece, you can pick fabrics, linings and other details by following their website. If you need any more help, just shoot me an email. Thanks so much for reading!