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Italian Inspired Summer Style

Italian Inspired Summer Style

Dapper summer style can be a tough nut to crack. The heat and humidity often makes the choice for you in terms of what you want to wear versus what you have to wear to be comfortable. I have personally been very inspired this summer by the style I’ve seen on display from Italian gentleman. If there is a way to dress up elegantly yet lightly during the summer months, these men have it nailed. Here’s a look that was inspired by any number of photos I’ve seen of some stylish Italian gentleman showing off some great summer style.

Italian Inspired Summer Style

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For me, subtlety and style go hand in hand. I love when an element of a look transforms into something different and unexpected when viewed at a distance and then up close. Horizontal stripes can definitely be bold, but a thin horizontal stripe is the perfect illustration of the sort of visual transformation I’m talking about. My shirt is a custom number from Deo Veritas, who were kind enough to turn their striped fabric 90-degrees at my request.

Italian Inspired Summer Style

Italian Inspired Summer Style

As summer begins to slowly transition to fall, consider adding a few splashes of fall color to your look. Browns and ochres play extremely nicely with brighter summer colors like light blues, tans, and white.

Italian Inspired Summer Style

Italian Inspired Summer Style

Italian Inspired Summer Style

This Look: Brown double-breasted blazer by REISS (sold out, similar here and here) – Blue horizontal stripe shirt with contrast color c/o Deo VeritasWhite selvedge denim jeans by J.Crew – Rust silk knit tie by The Tie Bar (similar here) – Vintage gold collar bar (similar here) – Watch by Timex – Navy NATO G10 watch strap by J.Crew – Skull cufflinks by Paul Smith Shoes and Accessories (similar here) – White cotton pocket square with brown border by The Tie Bar (similar here) – Sunglasses by Ray-Ban (Clubmaster) – Red leather notebook c/o One Star Leather Goods – Honey suede double monk strap shoes c/o REISS (sold out, similar here)

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.

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  1. Nice look – what fabric was used for the shirt?

  2. Kevin

    Sometimes I forget how good Reiss can be,and the leather note book looks class.

    • Thanks, Kevin. I am a huge fan of Reiss. Great style and fit.

  3. That’s a cracking outfit mate, love the colour of the tie with the horizontal stripes

  4. Jason P.

    That is a dapper outfit, to be sure. As a fan of orange, I’m digging a tie. However, I will NEVER be able to wear this in summer. I will be drenched in sweat 5 minutes after I step outside.

    • I run hot myself, and to be honest, summer is a dreaded time of year for me. I probably wouldn’t wear this during the dog days, but on a cooler night the lighter fabric–especially of the blazer–make it more than manageable. Thanks for reading.

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