Your Suit Jacket Has Pockets: Use Them!

Most guys know about a suit jacket or blazer’s inner pockets – a great place for a cell phone, wallet, or business cards – but a jacket’s outer pockets are often overlooked. They’re not just for decoration. A suit jacket’s outer pockets are functional and meant to be used as well.

Suit Jacket Pockets - He Spoke Style

| BRIAN WEARS | Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Suit, Al Bazar shirt, Montezemolo tie, S.T. Dupont lighter, Timex watch, Giles and Brother cuff | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Why are suit jacket/blazer pockets sewn shut? It’s so the garment keeps its shape while in store or in transit. Remove the stitching once you get it home with a seam ripper, small pair of scissors, or knife – just as you’d do with the chest pocket or center/side vents.

I use these pockets most when I’m traveling. Easy access to important items like boarding passes, metro cards, and hotel room key cards.

Suit Jacket Pockets - He Spoke Style

Never overburden your suit jacket pockets with heavy or bulky items. Preserve their integrity by limiting their contents to smaller, lighter, and thinner objects. This will also keep the jacket’s silhouette looking as it should.

And remember that fabric stretches over time. If you use your suit jacket pockets, they will lose a bit of their structure eventually. Keep this in mind, especially with patch pockets.

Suit Jacket Pockets - He Spoke Style

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  • Tom

    Where did you score the Monte 2? No fair showing off! And yes, outer blazer pockets is perfect for cigar stuff – cutter, lighter or a box of matches and a piece of cedar. Sometimes, I’ll also drop a cigar in outer pocket, as the chest pocket risks crushing (it’s curved, bottom of outer pocket is straight). BUt you should really use a cigar holder…



    • Brian Sacawa

      I can’t reveal my source… Haha! Picked some up during my recent travels. Believe the hype.

  • Tom

    Oh I believe all right, the Monte 2 is definitely a “Holy Grail” cigar.

    In the meantime, thank you for reminding everyone that a blazer is not just ‘for fashion”, it’s meant to be used! Pockets, lapels, inner buttons, even “surgeon’s cuff’s” all have a purpose and a history. It’s really the most versatile one piece of clothing a man can have.


    • Brian Sacawa

      Absolutely! On both counts. Thanks, as always, for the support, Tom. Have a great weekend.

  • Vincent Loera

    Hey no smoking inside Brian!!! Great post. I’ve always been a bit skeptical with ripping the seams on my store bought jackets in the past. However I recently picked up a vintage YSL velvet blazer with accessible outer pockets and I completely agree that they are super useful, especially when going out for the evening when you wouldn’t be carrying a bag or briefcase.


    • Brian Sacawa

      Haha. No cigars were lit in the taking of this photo… Cheers, Vince! Thanks for the comment.

  • Steve Harris

    Great article! Thanks Brian. I have just shared this article on my wallet website –

    • Brian Sacawa


  • Jason

    Pipes are the new cigar. You already have a nice soft flame might as well get a nice dress pipe.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Just started to get into pipes. Picked up an estate Comoy’s Guildhall recently.

      • Comic BookGuy

        You guys are hipsters.

  • LAStyleGuy

    Sorry to be a wet blanket, but…cigars? Despite your best attempts to suggest they’re cool, let’s call it like it is: Bad breath, yellow teeth, smelly clothes and oral cancer. No thank you.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Suggest you listen to this episode of the podcast:

    • Stan Baldwin

      Really? Obviously you dont know women. The joke here is how many of the best looking women go for guys who smoke cigars. Those “issues” you listed are not a problem for someone who takes care of themselves. You are a wet blanket and thats how women see you.

  • benjaminsaccaggi

    I legit had a guy ask me to stitch his pockets up when I made his suit because “it’s a trend he’s noticed in expensive shops”. Needless to say it was the last time I tailored for him.

  • Emilio Villegas

    People still think cigars are cool?