Socks or No Socks?

A little over a week ago, I quipped on Twitter that three of the most divisive things in the entire world are politics, sports, and the age-old socks or no socks debate. And, no, I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic—I really do mean the entire world. Rarely have I witnessed a menswear-related issue be so incredibly polarizing. So much so, in fact, I get the sense that if those who take a firm position on either side met in real life on the sidewalk (or, maybe more appropriately, in an alley)—in other words, outside of the safety and relative anonymity of the internet—that, if the topic was broached, there would be an actual fist fight. It would probably be bloody. And one person would likely be killed.

I honestly find this divide incredibly fascinating. The anger, rage, and conviction the socks v. sockless question generates usually rises to a level I have only ever seen in heated debates (or screaming matches) over things like politics, gun control, and religion. What is it about this topic that inspires such passion?

Socks No Socks Sockless - He Spoke Style

First, let’s agree that socks v. no socks is primarily a seasonal subject that’s pertinent during the spring and summer months—at least for those of us who experience four seasons. I don’t think anybody would argue for going sockless on a freezing cold day when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Setting aside my own opinion on the subject for the moment, let’s explore some of the pros and cons on each side of the issue.

Socks: Pros & Cons

As an accessory, socks are great for their ability to pull an outfit together or make a statement. They can keep your feet warm. They keep your feet dry. Usually. On the flip side, socks can be hot in the summer months. They eventually get holes. They add an extra decision to the process of getting dressed in the morning. There is also a high probability of mismatching them and an even higher probability of losing one in the dryer.

No Socks / Sockless: Pros & Cons

Going sockless is a choice made to stay cool on warmer days. It’s also a style decision. Some shoes, like boat shoes, for example, simply don’t seem right when worn with socks. It can also be a way for the sockless man to telegraph that he is someone who looks to the stylish gentleman of Europe for inspiration. On the negative side. however, not wearing socks can often lead to sweaty feet, smelly feet and shoes (in some cases), as well as blisters.

Socks No Socks Sockless - He Spoke Style

I wanted to open up this discussion because although there is clearly something to talk about, it rarely is talked about. Comments on relevant blog or social posts are generally one word dismissals or short bursts of snark. “Nope.” or “Put some socks on.” are two I’ve seen recently in support of the anti-sockless faction. While “Socks??? #nono” was one posted by a sockless supporter.

Where do you stand on the socks v. no socks debate? Discuss.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

He Spoke Style

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  • Jose

    I like both, plus I live in Puerto Rico so I can go sockless almost anytime I want to , but typically I Idon,t go sockless in December and January. Mainly a traditional thing.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for the comment, Jose. It’s not too cold to go sockless in Puerto Rico during December and January, is it?

  • Topher Paul

    Unless I have a client meeting, I’m either wearing crazy socks with a suit or no socks in any other non-formal attire. Wool trousers, cotton chinos, or whatever. I go sock less.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Business v. casual or non-formal is definitely a practical division. Thanks for reading, Topher.

  • Andres Poiche

    I LOVE IT !!!

  • Daniel Walther

    In my personal opinion, there is no need to settle for socks during the summer time, unless you are not wearing a suit or working in a large office, which mostly goes hand in hand.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Cheers, Daniel.

  • WM

    Socks will all shoes for comfort, none with boat shoes because they are boat shoes

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for chiming in, WM.

  • Tom

    Coincidentally, I went to work yesterday wearing what was – for me anyway – a very casual ensemble of black jeans, tattersall button-down, blue slub silk/linen blazer, old brown oxfords and NO SOCKS…. Commentary (if any) from my co-workers was “You look sharp!”. commentary from my former boss and former director (both friends now that I’ve been been promoted) – “WTF? No Socks? Now you’re too cool for school?” They both knew that blazer but no socks meant no client meetings yesterday ;-). So I guess that’s really the answer, no socks is great fun in summer, but obviously informal.

    As a side note, pants length obviously makes all the difference with sock/sockless look. You “let it all hang out” with a high cuff… works great for you, but I’m still getting used to my few no-break pants. One is the correct number of pants breaks, thank you very much… Two breaks thou shalt not have, excepting that thou shall then proceed to one, and high-waters are right out. Gratuitous Monty Python references aside, I’m still haunted by the girls giggling at my pants during my sixth-grade growth spurt, can’t do the highwaters, Tom Ford be damned. How do you pull it off, besides with confidence?

    • Brady P

      I have started going no break on most of my trousers/chinos and cuffing my denim for no break as well. It does take some getting used to, but people don’t call them high waters anymore (at least in my experience). Wearing a nice pair of shoes makes all the difference, fresh white sneaks, leather loafers, espadrilles are all easy options (all sockless by the way). Any lace ups will be more difficult. People are much more used to seeing pants with no break, maybe not in the corporate world, but definitely in the day to day.

    • Brady P

      By saying people don’t call them high waters, I meant people hardly comment about having no break. I’ve never received a negative comment about it, you just get more compliments on your shoes!

      • Brian Sacawa

        “You just get more compliments on your shoes!” That.

    • Brian Sacawa

      I think we’re coming to a consensus that sockless equals a bit of a casual or, at least, more informal vibe.

      Pant length is definitely important. I prefer either no break at all or a very slight break where the pants just kiss the top of my foot. When I’m going sockless, however, I will sometimes roll my pants up a single cuff. Not every time, but sometimes I feel like it.

      While pant length is important, when you’re talking about no break, the width and taper of the leg is most important. A wide leg opening with a higher hem is always the reason you might get pinged for wearing high-waters. That’s full tilt Thom Browne (I think that’s who you meant, right) and while I can get down with a shorter jacket, I personally can’t pull off the full aesthetic.

      Great discussion, as always, Tom.

  • Alberto Monteagudo

    No socks, definitely! ;)

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Alberto. I know where you stand!

  • Mihir Shah

    I’m a no socks guy. Call it the J. Crew effect. Although, I tried to pull the look off at work last week and everyone looked at me like I was insane. Granted, those in my work are a bit sartorially challenged, so their interpretation was that I simply forgot to wear them that day, like I was Dagwood running out the door without his pants. It only added to the “Mihir-is-the eccentric-one” view that everyone seems to share at work. Sheesh.

    No socks just look cool and casual and a little hip. It has a cool Italian vibe. I dig the look.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Doing your part to educate and inspire, Mihir!

  • Vaughn

    I just can’t do no socks because my feet sweat terribly when I do. I like the look of no socks, and found these to be a great way to achieve that without the sweat.

    • Brian Sacawa

      No-show socks are certainly a great compromise if you want the look, but not the sweaty feet. Have you ever tried powder as Brady’s suggested below?

      • Vaughn

        I’ve tried powder. It just makes a mess and doesn’t solve the issue for me. Maybe my feet are just mega-sweaty, but they don’t seem to be in other situations. :)

        • Brian Sacawa

          Fair enough.

  • Brady P

    I am an avid no sock supporter. But rule #1.. Foot powder! It will change your life. If your going sockless without foot powder, give it a try. You’ll have no sweat/stink issues and it feels like your feet are wrapped in velvet… It’s that good

    • Brian Sacawa

      Great tip, Brady. Did you mean to say it would save your life?!

      • Brady P

        I did mean change, but save works too

        • Brian Sacawa

          Haha, I know. Was just trying to be funny. Cheers, Brady.

  • Dan

    On one side there’s this sweat/odor issue and on the other side some believe without socks is a fashion and modern way to demonstrate menswear. Then you add factors on the weather, the occasions and the type of shoes you wear. It is not a simply yes/no debate. Maybe you can do a post of comparison in varies occasions and let audience to vote for that. I would be curious about the results.

    p.s ankle socks is a good invention!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Great suggestion, Dan.

  • Derek W Shakespeare

    Sock less when the climate permits, definitely!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for reading, Derek. Hope to see you back often!

  • Jason

    I love the no sock look, but I find it very uncomfortable. I like secure lace up foot wear and dislike loafers and sandles that breathe and avoid the sweaty foot issues.

    I’ll give foot powder a try. Any other tips to help prevent damage to my nice leather shoes?

    • Brian Sacawa

      No-show socks seem to be the way to go.

  • Pedro Fernandes

    For me, it’s definitely with socks. I really don’t like the look of no-sock, specially if the shoes are small/skinny/whatever-slim-profiled. To me it looks way too unbalanced, viewing it on other people, and absolutely not for me. Also, the hair is really ugly, some dudes just don’t trim dat sh**.

    I love socks, i have all the colors (always plain) and sometimes i put the white-sock-in-dark-clothes look. When in summer, sandals, havaianas, or lowered socks showing its color. I do take time choosing them.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for sharing, Pedro, and for providing some reasons for your preference. Exactly the kind of discussion I was hoping to have. It’s definitely a personal choice.

  • Tom

    Wow! 30+ comments on socks/no socks! Proof, yet again, that we are all insane. :)

    On a sidenote, in college I had a hippy buddy who went barefoot always and everywhere. For job interviews or visiting the bank he had a pair of oxfords with the soles cut out so that his bare feet still touched the ground.

    Point is: Hey! It’s the the 2010’s (believe it or not.. I don’t). Relax, enjoy! At least here in the USA, most guys are running around in baggy jeans or shorts and a t-shirt, anything that you do to step your style up a bit is worth it. You feel better, the world looks better and it looks at you with a bit more interest. Even if it’s for your hairy ankles ;-).

    • Brian Sacawa

      Wow, that’s a new one!

  • James Saldivar

    Personally, I find wearing no socks (weather permitting of course) is simpler, doesn’t detract from a smart aesthetic and is fashion forward. Should smell be an issue I usually resort to invisible socks. Like you said, you don’t have to be concerned about mismatching either. A lady at choir practise this evening did ask whether my feet would be cold which on reflection I thought strange as half the ladies were wearing sandals! I’m sure it must seem pretty odd to some :)

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for the comment, James. Invisible or “no-show” socks seem to be a great option if you want the look but not the potential issues.

  • Cezar

    Thank you guys for your experience, I really appreciate this kind of discussion. Personally I go for the socks, only in the summer time I go sock less…I never tried leather shoes, but maybe I will. Cheers!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Absolutely, Cesar. I’m really glad this has taken off. Planning to do more discussion posts like this one in the future.

  • Kris

    I like the look of going sockless, but absolutely hate the feeling of my feet in hot, sweaty shoes. I really don’t think any amount of foot powder can hold that all day. The question really is, what brand of low ankle socks stay up all day without readjusting?

    • Brian Sacawa

      I’ve only gone completely sockless so I don’t have a recommendation for a specific brand of invisible socks. One was mentioned in an earlier comment. Anybody else have some recommendations?

  • Carlos Olivo

    Interesting discussion. Beyond personal preferences I guess there is also a cultural element in this debate. That is, the social acceptance of not wearing socks will vary from one country to another or even among regions within the same country. I’d say in Spain and Italy (Southern Europe) wearing socks with loafers or sandals and casual trousers or shorts in summertime is broadly considered very little stylish if not plain bad taste. I’m not that sure about wearing laced-up (for instante Oxford)shoes without socks. I guess it depends on the particular situation (whether you are outdoor or in an office, whether it is day or night, etc.) and the other elements making up your general look.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Really great observation, Carlos, and I’m really glad you brought that up. I’ve found that in the U.S., preferences, opinions, and acceptance (or dismissal) of certain styles varies widely depending on geography. Are you from a large metropolitan area or a small town? Are you a northerner or a southerner? East Coast or West Coast? And, of course, your geography can also define your cultural outlook.

  • TimL

    Wow…. didn’t think this would go this far.
    I like going with and without sox… depends on the day.
    Although I love having the pattern sox to wear with suits for alittle attention.
    I recently started to wear shoes without sox. Tennis shoes and sometimes casual shoes. I bought some powder this year and it helps with sweaty feet indeed. I do like the look of dress shoes without sox only in the summer. It does have a Euro look to it with a suit. I like a oxford or loafer look with shorts and nice shirt to dress up your look at summer parties and BBQ’S.
    Thanks for the topic Brian!

    • Brian Sacawa

      You got it, Tim. More to come. Thanks for contributing to the discussion.

  • Sharon

    The shoes and no socks concept for men is growing on me – one notable picture I pinned recently on Pinterest which stands out from all the rest of the photos is of a guy wearing this look
    certainly requires impeccable styling to pull it off

    • Brian Sacawa

      That’s a great look. Thanks for sharing, Sharon.

  • Bill

    I go both (seasonally). I use no socks as a means of drawing peoples eyes down toward my shoes, as I am very proud of my collection of footwear. Never on lace-ups, though, it just feels… wrong.
    On a side note, there is a comfort factor. If I have a shoe that breathes poorly, I’ll wear socks even in the summer to avoid sweaty feet, not due to odor, but the unpleasant feel of a sweaty shoe.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Loafers are certainly easier to pull the look off with. Lace ups can work, but to each his own. Just make sure their not a new pair of leather lace ups. That’s sweaty foot and blister city. Thanks for reading, Bill.

  • Zoë

    I’ll go for the little white socks in the summer. They’re comfortable, when you lose one you’ll always have one that, to be honost people, looks EXACTLY the same (this only frustrates you when you’re a controlfreak), you cannot see them (if you put them on the right way) and you don’t get sweaty, hurting feet.

    I btw really enjoyed reading this article. Don’t have that often. Very funny written (I laughed a few times inside like a little autist behind my computer. My colleagues think I’m a psycho, they moved their chairs a little bit away from me. Let’s say a few meters)

    • Brian Sacawa

      Glad you enjoyed this one, Zoë. Plan to do more of this kind of post in the future. There are so many issues that divide opinions and I like having a forum for this kind of thoughtful discussion.

  • Corey

    I am in the real estate industry in New York, and just two days ago I met with a broker for a showing and he wasn’t wearing socks. I was perplexed because I don’t usually see men not wearing socks while wearing oxfords, slacks, a nice dress shirt, and tie. I was a fan of the look, although it could be rather hard on the feet walking around New York in oxfords barefoot.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Especially, if they’re brand new. Ouch. See it’s your first comment, Corey. Hope you’ll be chiming in more often. Cheers.

  • Josh

    I like to go no socks in the spring/summer months. Maybe even sometimes in the fall. By no socks, I actually mean no show socks. I have sweaty feet, and I feel like I get the best of both worlds with no show socks. I get the look I want while avoiding the dead fish smell in my shoes.

    • Brian Sacawa

      That’s the ticket. Nobody wants to have their shoes smell like dead fish (or smell shoes that smell like dead fish)! Thanks for reading, Josh.

  • Enoch

    Thanks for the post, Brian. Weather is definitely how I decide on whether to go sock or sock-less. However, above that, occasion is mainly how I determine whether to go sock or sock-less.

    • Brian Sacawa

      You got it, Enoch. Thanks for reading.

  • Tim

    I’ve live through the “Don Johnson” no sock phase that swept the fashion world 30+ years ago so I understand the aesthetic; I live in Hawaii so I understand the practicality. However, for me, whenever I see a well dressed man going sockless my inner monologue yells, “put some socks on!” To me, sockless looks unfinished, and invokes feelings of sweaty, smelly feet (I realize foot powder helps, but it doesn’t change the connotation for me.) For me fashion is about the details, taking the extra effort, a tie clip or the right color pocket square, and when I see sockless I see a lack of attention to one of the finer details (i know that’s probably not the case, just how I feel). Anyway just my two cents.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for sharing your opinion, Tim. Wondering if you’d be able to see a lack of socks as a conscious choice, and therefore a detail that has been paid attention to rather than simply forgotten?

      • Tim Nelson

        Absolutely. I get it’s a fashion choice and a fashionable one, just not one that runs with my particular aesthetic. It makes me feel somehow incomplete. But what was that coco channel said about removing one thing? For some it’s the sock.

  • Tom M

    I was going to post this article at the local Powerlifting Gym to see what my friends had to say about the subject but didn’t get around to it;). Tough for me to go sockless so I use the ‘hidden socks’ for boat shoes, espadrilles, and canvas sneakers; otherwise I am wearing socks. Good for you for writing about such a ridiculous subject – hopefully we will be able to put less thought into it now.

  • Jacob

    All about the sockless!

    • Brian Sacawa


  • Rae J

    As a lifelong resident of South Florida, going sockless is practically a necessity. It is very hot and humid in my neck of the woods for the majority of the year. When you wear long socks in 89 degree temperature with 60% humidity, things get uncomfortable very quickly. So unless you work in a building with excellent air conditioning or if your job requires socks as part of a dress code, it is probably best to go sockless here in South Florida.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Climate is a consideration. Excellent point, Rae. Thanks for chiming in and hope you see you here often.

    • Ricky Nihan

      Im from ft lauderdale and my comfortable boots i wear no show socks but they always slide off and i don’t even feel them come off completely to my toes i use gold bond powder and no one even knows so i prefer barefoot in boots as long as they are comfortable

    • Ricky Nihan

      Use gold bond powder ditch all ur so cks

  • Owais

    Sometimes I am like why is that even a debate, considering one needs to take into account the whole look and what you are wearing and if the socks are a necessity for the look. One’s clothes reflect the practicality of where one is living and weather during a certain period of time then why not the same can go into deciding for socks. Going ankle-sock route is a viable alternative in finding the midway of sock vs sockless debate.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Well said, Owais. Thanks for reading.

  • Dan

    On the no-show socks, I’ve only ever used ones made by Falke. They’re brilliant.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for the rec, Dan!

  • Thomas

    I’ve tried to go sockless for the first time this spring and I must say I love it. I’ve started with clothing transition last year so yet I’m at the beginnig of the journey. I´ve finally found nice pair of boat shoes and during warmer days I mostly go sockless. But what I don’t like is that sometimes people stare at me. I live in Czech Republic and fashion standards here are little bit odd. For example in our office men mostly wear white short sleeve shirt one or two size larger and black slacks also size larger. So I definetly think it’s easier to go sockless in countries like Italy, Spain, France, etc.

    • Brian Sacawa

      I wish you well on your journey, Thomas. Menswear and style is infinitely fascinating (and fun) and such a great creative outlet for expressing yourself. Try as many things out as you’re comfortable with and believe fit your personal style and aesthetic. Who knows, maybe your officemates will start to look to you for inspiration.

  • Boswell

    LOL. You got a big response, as I think you knew you would. Good post. I’ve not read the other comments as yet but here’s my take. The issue of socks or no socks depends. It depends on the style of shoe and overall outfit. Going sans socks looks good in an overall casual attire and where your shoes are of a casual style: boat shoes, espadrilles, soft loafers, driving moccasins, canvas shoes, sneakers…anythings soft. I don’t think it looks good when you have on a suit and tie and you are wearing hard bottom leather dress shoes like oxfords or derbies. It looks weird also when you wear boots. Because it is considered ‘trendy’ I see many iGents going sockless with suits, tie and dress shoes and it looks as if they were in a hurry and forgot to put on socks. That’s my take but I guess many have already stated similar.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Great feedback, as always, Boswell. I’m really glad to know that we can have a civil and thoughtful conversation here.

  • Mark

    Interesting article. And, a valid discussion. My one caveat with wearing no socks is the smell. Many aren’t hygienic and reek of odor. Not a way to go if impressing a date or snagging a job. I shower twice a day, so I am not in that bracket. The one problem I have though is very wide feet. I am a 8.5 EEE. If I wear boat shoes, they stretch and look horrible. I do wear trainers without socks on occasion and I am a big fan of flip flops for the comfort and ease factor. I did see a guy wearing oxford wingtips without socks today. He had a fitted shirt and a pair of chinos. It looked great. I’d be down with something similar, but I am concerned with the excess sweat and lingering scent within the shoes. I am in the middle. Just the thought of a foot makes me gag, especially when it is not pedicured, and left to its own devices, without protection.

    • Brian Sacawa

      We’re complete opposites on the foot front, Mark. I have a very narrow foot and wear a 10B. As many commenters have said, if you’re interested in going sockless but are worried about the smell–both immediate and lingering–try some foot powder or no-show socks. Thanks for reading.

  • Delano Scott

    I find this topic quite interesting because it’s helping me see the reasoning behind both camps. As a guy with sweaty feet I have almost always worn socks with everything; add in the humidity of southern Illinois and the fact that I find my own feet and ankles to be not aesthetically pleasing and you can see why. At work where uniform is required boots are a part of that uniform, and most modern water resistant materials that they are made of equals a swampy interior. By the time I’m off duty I’m glad to change into a fresh, soft and clean pair of socks. Also socks have given me the opportunity to express individuality when it comes to my dress for church. It has become a pleasant game in where the male members have attempted to step up their “sock” game. I do believe there is definitely a place and time for no socks and I am growing to where on days off with certain footwear I could handle it; I started this transition with no show socks, and hopefully before summer ends I’ll be bold enough (thanks to some foot powder) to simply go stockless and enjoy myself.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Well done, Delano. Based on your concerns, I’d say if the no show socks are working for you and you like the look, there’s definitely no reason to go full commando in your shoes!

  • Mike

    No socks between Victoria Day and Labour Day, unless I am wearing a suit.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Cheers, Mike. Thanks for reading.

  • Tatano

    I think above all it boils down to this. Know the weather, and know your audience.

    I love the comfort of going sans socks. Especially in the NYC Summer. Alas, I personally can get away with it 90% of the time because of the nature of my job. However, I doubt very much I would be going sans socks if I was a lawyer, a Doctor, a banker, etc… Unless, it is after hours.

    The statement to make in the board-room should be one of formality and sophistication, which cannot possibly happen without socks. Audience!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Great insights and very well put, Tatano. Thanks for reading.

  • Donna

    Wow – you must have been reading my thoughts….or I was reading yours! I was just having this conversation a few minutes ago. I am pretty definitely okay with either depending on the circumstances. It is a definite no-go in the office….any office, any time. But I kind of like the look of bare feet in a loafer or deck shoe if you are out for Sunday brunch or walking a dock etc. Definitely not a fan of sandals unless the feet in them are in good shape….and no, socks in sandals is not the answer.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for chiming in, Donna. Hope to see you around more often!

  • sokini

    We would have love to appear in this list! Sokini Minimalist Bamboo socks, FREE HEEL, FREE INSTEP, cool and breathable pure original bamboo fiber…
    bypass all the obstacles that hold you back from going sockless, keeping only the best of the sensations! let me know what you think!

  • Wowl

    I love walking barefoot, but I almost always wear socks on shoes simply because I can’t stand them rubbing my ankles!
    Just make sure to choose short socks and the look should be alright, but also feel free to show your ankles if you’re not as sensible as I. :)

    • Brian Sacawa

      Yes, no-show socks are the way to go.

  • Rich

    What brand are those crocodile bit loafers?

  • Ricky Nihan

    Desert boots and stripped socks in boston in may is ok for a guy who hates socks

    • Brian Sacawa

      Haha. Cheers.

  • TG

    Sockless look with a suit is ugly. It distracts. Someone could be wearing the finest bespoke suit, but it would be completely overshadowed by bare ankles. It is a stupid trend that will not withstand the test of time. A classy man knows to wear socks with his suit and dress shoes.

    Additionally, the sockless suit is impractical. Your feet need protection from your shoes, and your shoes need protection from your feet. And my eyes need protection from ugly ankles and cankles.

  • Sarah Laforte

    Even in Germany or in France it can get reeeeallly hot in summer and feet can get sweaty.. I hate that, and so I never walk in my shoes without socks! The only remedy i’ve found for me are insoles made of cedar wood and I have to say, I am very happy with them! They do their work! Even in hot, smokey Paris summer, i do not sweat on my feet anymore, barefoot or with socks :)

    • Run90Trail

      Back many years ago during the summer months, before no-show socks and better materials for socks and shoes, it was common to just not wear socks in the summer; since it seamed right and cooler. We just wore good leather footwear. I remember having a pair of shoes that was lined in comfortable light colored tan leather. You could see the sweat wetness (darker area) around the interior heal area of the shoe when taken off after a long day. We just sweated in the shoes and never gave it much thought until one brings it to your attention or see what is happening to your feet and shoes.

  • hmijail

    I don’t see anyone mentioning this, so… I have found it difficult to pull the sockless look because my skin is very white, and I hardly get any . And my ankles doubly so. I have seen black guys without socks and it looks perfect, but in my case it looks like I’m flashing something

  • Chad Fisher

    I stand on both sides. But always take a pair of socks with you… “No shirt, no socks, no shoes, no service.” Well, not all of them say “no socks”, but still, why don’t they mention “no leg clothing”, :p?

  • MW74126

    Imo sockless is an awful look for anyone. No one wants to see your furry, veiny ankles. Buy some socks and wear them, like a functioning adult.

  • Id Dumink

    But what about wearing the Men’s No-Show Liner Socks if, is that fine?