Stay Cool: The “Sleeveless” Summer Suit

Getting the most out of a three-piece-suit – summer edition

It was a warm weekend here on the East Coast and that got me thinking about one of our old Ask HSS videos that dealt with how to look dapper when it’s hot out. One of my suggestions, if you recall, was to consider adding a waistcoat.

Sleeves are the last thing you want when it’s 90+ degrees outside. We’ve called a waistcoat a sleeveless summer blazer before, but today we’re showing you how to wear that most underrated of three-piece suit combos, the waistcoat and trousers.

Or, as we’re calling it today – the sleeveless summer suit.

sleeveless summer suit

sleeveless summer suit

| WEARING | QG Custom waistcoat and pants, Reiss shirt, Goorin Bros. hat, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Rolex Datejust watch, Loafers c/o GH Bass | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Much like how you feel like something’s missing if you’re wearing a blazer without a pocket square – why on earth would you do that? – I often have that same feeling during the summer going out of the apartment without a blazer.

Yes, a nice shirt and trousers look good, especially if you’ve made it more interesting, but sometimes you want to be a little more dressed/buttoned up. This is where the waistcoat comes in.

sleeveless summer suit

A more dressed up summer look needs the requisite footwear. You can never go wrong with a pair of leather tassel loafers.

sleeveless summer suit

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  • DJ Hargrave

    A vest is such a classy move no matter what. Great styling Bryan – the hat definitely covers ground in the absence of a jacket.

    DJ | Menswear & Lifestyle Blogger

  • James f

    This is really my ideal go to look for work. I live in the Florida heat, and blazers are impractical most days.

    The question is, where do I find decent three piece suit separates?

  • beardedman

    Great look in great colors. I have two three-piece suits for just this kind of thing… mix and match jacket and/or vest or jacket only… makes the suit investment so much more versatile. Depending on your suit fabrics and colors, sometimes you can mix one suit vest with a different suit to make an “odd” vest. Get creative!

  • Matthew Metcalfe

    This is a brilliant look, although I personally don’t think I could pull of the loafers!

    What do you think to a stiff collared button-up shirt with a v neck jumper over the top? I am quite partial to wearing this and I’d love to see you write something about it; colour combinations, how it should fit, suitable occasions to wear it etc.

    Thanks as always!

  • Repid Leaks

    Great look in great colors. I have two three-piece suits for just this kind of thing…thanks for the blog and i also need for that type blogs…and also visit here for new blogs:

  • Forrest Howe

    Do I detect the wearer of the waistcoat with a belt. “Mon dieu!” A belt breaks the flow of the lines by visual bulges. If one chooses not to wear braces then wear trousers with side adjusting tabs.