Tips For Dressing Up A Polo Shirt

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Try wearing your collar out for a little more relaxed style

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Dressing up a polo shirt should be simple

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Don't be reluctant to wear a polo under your jacket

Dressing up your Polo Shirt

The polo shirt might be one of those garments that you either love or you hate. With warm weather still always lingering, it’s a great time of year to dress up a polo shirt. Often referred to as a ubiquitous uniform, I’ve always felt the polo never really developed its full potential as more than just a summer-only garment. Especially with long sleeve versions.

Dressing up a polo isn’t rocket science, but takes a bit of knowhow and a little confidence to pull off. The polo is inherently casual, meaning the rest of your look should maintain a more dressed appearance.

Here, I’m wearing a muted yellow knitted polo. Rather than the common pique cotton version, opt for a softer knitted polo which can add a bit more refinement to the look. You already know that a polo collar can lack structure underneath your jacket, embrace it. Try wearing the collar open over the lapel of your jacket. It might not be for everyone, but it can show a bit of sartorial confidence.

| WEARING| Knit Polo Shirt (Similar), E. Thomas Check Sport coat (Similar), Grey Wool Trousers, Orient Bambino Watch, J&M Grayson Tassel Loafer | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Victoria Saperstein

A solid polo with a solid jacket? No thanks. Opt for a subtle patterned jacket, like this one, that evokes a retro vibe. This jacket from Spier and Mackay is great because it’s partially lined and can work with a range of solid trousers in your closet.

Depending on the weather, the short sleeve polo shirt might not be right. When the temperatures dip, a long sleeved polo is an underrated alternative to the typical button down shirt.

Have you ever tried dressing up your polo shirts?

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  • Eric White

    Ah… I never try the polo dressing, though it looking great… !

    • Steven Elliott

      Thanks Eric.

      When done right, its a great way to dressed down a jacket. Your personal style should have versatility.


  • Simon Shaw

    Looking nice but i suggest lets try the cafe race jackets with polo t shirt

  • Castro Eulis

    Stop trying to dress up polo shirts, it looks retarded.

    • Cooper Webb

      Who hurt you?

  • Bob ONeil

    Polo shirts with blazers or sports coats has been a great look for years.

    Make certain your coat sleeves are long enough, unlike the guy in the photos. Completely shot the author’s credibility.

    • Cooper Webb

      So dramatic.