Power Details: Pulling Them Off With Confidence

How to do pinstripes, collar bars, French cuffs and more

There are certain sartorial details that, simply put, scream power. And while it’s true that dressing the part can help you project a powerful image, it’s also true that it takes confidence to wear and pull off some of those details. Today, we’re taking a look at a few sartorial power moves and offering some advice on how to wear them with confidence.

pinstripe suit outfit ideas

Powerful pinstripes. In the movie Catch Me If You Can, Frank Abagnale, Sr. asks Frank Abagnale, Jr. if he knows why the Yankees always win. Junior answers, “Because they have Mickey Mantle,” to which Senior replies, “No, it’s ’cause the other teams can’t stop staring at those damn pinstripes.” I am not a Yankees fan, but there is something classy and powerful about pinstripes.

pinstripe suit outfit ideas

| WEARING | Knot Standard suit, Edward Sexton shirt, Michael Andrews Bespoke tie, Vacheron Constantin watch, Paul Evans shoes | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Collar bar. Collar bars and collar pins are sometimes thought of as accessories reserved for the domain of the dandy. But it’s all about context. Worn with a pinstripe suit, a white pin collar shirt adorned with a collar bar projects loads of confidence and power.

French cuffs. If you’re going for a powerful look, French cuffs are a must. Compared to a rounded cuff, they’re quite a bit more substantial. And they give you an opportunity to showcase some personal flair with your choice of cufflinks.

pinstripe suit outfit ideas

Skip the solids. When dressing to project a “strong” image, there’s a temptation to gravitate towards a solid tie. It’s natural. It’s a monolith that appears singular and strong in purpose. I propose, however, that it can come off as predictable and that more strength can be projected with the addition of a tie that possess a subtle, but strong, repeating pattern.

pinstripe suit outfit ideas

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  • Kostas Mandilaris

    I am starting to like the pinstripes. They are growing on me. For now I am making my first Double Breasted navy suit but the next one could possibly be a pinstripe one. Simple, elegant, powerful. Added bonus of using a Tommy Gun and dressing up on Halloween.

    Kostas from Misiu Academy

  • RJ Giddings

    For me… the pinstripes are 10% too much. Just to the point of being cartoon-ish if not careful. Brian can roll w/ this look just fine, but it’s not for everybody.

  • Robert Oslan

    Brian, I am new to your forum and have enjoyed your website and YouTube Channel. All your info is spot on. The pin stripes look incredible on you! I have a similar Navy pinstripe suit with wide lapels. Italian wool. The trousers have the side tabs and are cuffed. It’s a timeless look that will never go out of style. Thank you for teaching us men how to look stylish. You are the best!